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# (1) aa.que contains test questions.  To submit them to aa, type: 

   aa < aa.que >test.ans

# aa.ans has the corresponding answers (not necessarily true, but what
# the program says)

# (2) For another example, visit Steven Wepster's site:
# Celestial navigation is normally done with the benefit of an accurate
# clock.  However, the moon moves relatively quickly with respect to the
# sun and stars, and it is possible to calculate the time from the
# moon's position.  Steven Wepster has construct lunar distance tables
# for this purpose using aa.  The site includes his discussion and the
# tables themselves.

# (3) A third example is using aa to work out a sample celestial
# navigation problem, specifically leg 57 from the "silicon seas"
# series (see:  The problem
# parameters are in leg57-4.txt, the relevant aa output is in
# leg57.log, and the calculation of the navigation fix is in
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