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Changes in version 0.5.1:
* New audit-viewer.8 man page.
* New or updated translations:
  - Dutch by Geert Warrink <>
  - Polish by Piotr Drąg <>
  - Portuguese by Rui Gouveia <>
  - Russian by Yulia Poyarkova <>

Changes in version 0.5:
* Don't crash if no system log files exist.
* Add support for viewing a file and all related rotated files stored in the
  same directory together (e.g. a copy of /var/log/audit).
* New or updated translations:
  - Catalan by Pere Argelich <>
  - German by Cornelius Neckenig <>
  - Spanish by Domingo Becker <> and H. Daniel Cabrera
  - Italian by mario_santagiuliana <mario at> and Francesco
    Tombolini <>
  - Japanese by Kiyoto Hashida <> and Hyu_gabaru Ryu_ichi
  - Malay by Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan <>
  - Polish by Piotr Drąg <>
  - Brazilian Portuguese by Taylon Silmer <>
  - Serbian by Miloš Komarčević <>
  - Simplified Chinese by CHAI Zhenhua <> and sainrysec

Changes in version 0.4:
* Support viewing all rotated log files together
* Change default "List" view to show newest events at the top
* Make the audit-viewer window larger by default
* Offer the 'node' field in combo boxes
* New or updated translations:
  German by Thomas Spura <>
  Malay by Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan <>
  Norwegian bokmal by Kjartan Maraas <>
  Polish by Piotr Drąg <>
  Brazilian Portuguese by Taylon Silmer <> and Igor Pires
  Soares <>
  Serbian by Miloš Komarčević <> and Igor Miletic

Changes in version 0.3:
* Make it possible to browse events using the "Event detail" dialog
* Add "quick search" in event list results
* Make it possible to open a tab in a new window
* Support showing reports as bar charts
* Order numeric fields (e.g. pid) by their value instead of lexicographically
* Make properties dialogs non-modal
* Show name of the tab in the title bar of its properties dialog
* Support using the Delete keyboard key instead of the Delete dialog button
* New translations:
  ca Xavier Conde
  de Fabian Affolter
  el Dmitris Glezos
  it Carlo Raudino
  pl Piotr Drag

Changes in version 0.2:
* Add arbitrary ausearch-expression(5) support
* Significant performance improvements.
* One or more configuration files can be specified on the command line.
* New command-line option --unprivileged.
* Don't add duplicate or redundant filters when creating reports.
* Warn the user if editing properties would drop some filters.
* When asked to create a report, show a dialog for configuring it instead
  of opening a default report.
* Register *.audit-viewer into the shared MIME database.
* Use a locale-independent format for storing dates in CSV
* Don't read event data if it won't be displayed
* Recognize weeks using locale-specific rules.
* Make sure data is never lost when saving files.
* Use the tab name as suggested file name for data export.
* Store configuration version number in *.audit-viewer.
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