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audit-viewer is a GUI for viewing and summarizing events collected by the Linux
audit subsystem.

audit-viewer requires the following Python libraries:
- audit Python bindings
- gnome-python
- gnome-python-desktop
- pygtk
- python-gtkextra
- PyChart
- sexy-python

For system-wide installation, run ./configure with --localstatedir=/var .

audit-viewer uses a separate program to access the system-wide audit data.  It
is installed in $libexecdir/audit-viewer-server.  You need to use your
distribution's tools (e. g. consolehelper in Fedora) to run this program with
necessary privileges (usually as root).  Note that just making the program
setuid is a not a good idea, it would allow any user to read the audit data.

For Fedora or RHEL, you can use (make install-fedora) instead of (make install)
to automate the above.

Please report bugs to <>.  Bug reports with patches are
especially welcome.
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