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autodir - Automatically creates home and group directories for LDAP/NIS/SQL/local accounts…  more info»


2006-08-23 Ramana Enaganti <>

* autohome.c: added new suboptions nohomecheck, owner
* autogroup.c added new suboption group
* automisc.c added new suboption fastmode

2006-10-21 Ramana Enaganti <>

* back.c: Split this file into smaller files:
		backup.c backup_queue.c backup_child.c
		backup_pid.c backup_fork.c.

		Moreover backup architecture changed so that code becomes
		simple to maintain and test.

* lockfile.c: Dynamic rehashing added.
* multipath.c Dynamic rehashing added.
* workon.c: Dynamic rehashing added.
		Memory accessing from outside critical section fixed.
* backup.c: -L option added.
		This limits the time in seconds which any backup process
		can not exceed.

2006-11-6 Ramana Enaganti <>

* backup_pid.c: Memory leak fixed.

2006-11-24 Ramana Enaganti <>

* backup.c, backup_child.c: fixed shutdown related bugs
* autodir.c: More compatible with new autofsv5 module
* backup_queue.c nono sleep introduced between backup forks

2007-4-16 Ramana Enaganti <>

* autohome.c, autogroup.c: rename added for stale accounts.
		Considered bug fix.
* autogroup.c: missing groupid initialization. fixed.
* time_mono.c: Initialization changed to work with slackware.
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