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autofs-4.0.0-pre6: Since autofs-4.0.0-pre5:
* Fix to to deal with mount options in the showmount output
* Don't delete symlinks after just creating them

autofs-4.0.0-pre5: Since autofs-4.0.0-pre4:
* Updated header files to match kernel.  The updates fix some
  protocol version confusion.

autofs-4.0.0-pre4: Since autofs-4.0.0-pre3:
* Fixed spec file so you can actually build from it

autofs-4.0.0-pre3: Since autofs-4.0.0-pre2:
* Fix up autofs protocol version numbering so it doesn't interfere with
  autofs v3
* Update RPM spec file
* Include fix to autofs (v3) module in 2.3.41
* Add note to README about adding an alias for autofs module

autofs-4.0.0-pre2: Since autofs-4.0.0-pre1:
* Include kernel patches for 2.2.x in source (2.3.41 onwards has it standard)
* Clean up left over scaffolding directories if a tree didn't completely
* Make rc scripts wait for termination; it can take a long time if there's
  lots of filesystems mounted
* Add a daemonoptions variable to make it easy add timeouts, etc
* Don't bother trying to use "autofs4"; it will always be called "autofs"

autofs-4.0.0-pre1: Since autofs-3.1.4:
* Jeremy Fitzhardinge <> is now maintaining autofs 4
* Added support for autofs v4 kernel module; as of 2.2.14 and 2.3.40 you
  need to patch your kernel.
* Implemented tree mounts in program maps; scripts can now return multiple
  filesystems to be mounted.
* Will build any necessary scaffolding directories to create mountpoints.
* samples/ added to implement a Solaris-style /net using the
  above features.
* Major reworking of daemon internals to use an explicit state machine.
* "nosymlink" flag added to mount_nfs to inhibit the local symlink

Since autofs-3.1.3:
* Merge in documentation changes from RedHat RPM.
* Support installing the samples stuff (make install_samples).
* Make samples/rc.autofs appropriate for both RedHat and Debian.
  Thanks to Jeremy Fitzhardinge for a patch here.
* Added fixes to mount_autofs with options, from Rainer Clasen.
* Removed the now-obsolete mount_smbfs.  MAKE SURE YOU READ
  "README.smbfs" before trying to mount an smbfs filesystem using autofs!!
* Created a new lookup_multi module.  Sample usage:
  automount /path multi file /etc/auto.path -- yp auto.path
* New mount_changer module from Toby Jaffery (for selecting slots out
  of a media changer automatically.)  See README.changer.
* Include spec file that can make a RedHat RPM.  Note that this may
  not be appropriate for actual RedHat systems; the way RedHat does
  autofs seems to change with every release.

Since autofs-3.1.2:
* Added README.options; missing since 3.1.0... oops!

Since autofs-3.1.1:
* NULL pointer fix in mount_smbfs (from Rene H´┐Żjbjerg Larsen).

Since autofs-3.1.0:
* The -s option (SLOPPYOPT) was put in the wrong place in mount_nfs.c!
  Oops!  Now fixed.

Since autofs-0.3.14:
* "const-ipated" the source at all module interface points, to keep me
  from doing stupid things like calling strtok() on a string constant.
* Minor fix to the autofs(5) man page.
* Put entire source under CVS, so added ID tags to as many files as
  practical; also cleaned up comment preambles.
* AFS/Hesiod support by Nalin Dahyabhai.
* NIS+ support by Thorsten Kukuk.
* mount_ext2 module that runs e2fsck -p on the filesystem first.
* Recursive autofs mounts support by Richard Henderson.  For
  unmounting to work with nested mounts, kernel 2.1.93 or later is
* Automatic configuration of compile options using
* If mount(8) supports the "-s" (sloppy) option, pass it.  Have
  "configure" test to see if it does or not.
* Fix from David Engels for Sun map multiserver entries.  (Also
  requires support in mount(8).)
* When determining if an NFS filesystem is really local, don't bail
  out if we get an error from connect().  Keep going to the next
  address instead.
* New numbering system to declare autofs "officially no longer experimental."

Since autofs-0.3.13:
* Simplified the signalling/forking structure.
* When debugging, leave debug-related signals in the default state.
* Fixed broken timeouts.
* Fixed multiple problems involving module destruction.
* "Shouldn't happen" signals now only get caught once, to avoid
* SIGHUP now causes a "prune" operation, followed by module

Since autofs-0.3.12:
* Added -p, --pid-file option to daemon.
* Fixed aestetic bug in new spawn() logic.
* Added new cleanup_exit() function in the daemon.
* Added signal handling to some cases that were improperly dealt with.
* Integrated new sample stuff from Miquel van Smoorenburg and
  Christoph Lameter.

Since autofs-0.3.11:
* Rewrote the spawn() logic to not use stdio at all.

Since autofs-0.3.10:
* Added conversion from : -> / in Sun maps, to handle maps which
  contain "shared mounts".  Can be avoided by \-escaping the colon or
  by passing the option --no-slashify-colons.
* ${HOST} corrected (was returning the value for ${ARCH}.)
* Don't free the YP domain name; the documentation says to it but the
  documentation is wrong.

Since autofs-0.3.9:
* Added YPLIBS option to Makefile.rules to support compiling for glibc.
* Distributing include/linux/auto_fs.h with the daemon one again, to
  avoid version skew problems.
* Made \-escaping work (hopefully) correctly.
* Added dlerror() output to error message when dlopen() returns an error.

Since autofs-0.3.8:
* Missed at least one place where a SIGCHLD gunked up a waitpid() in
  0.3.8.  Fixed.
* More documentation and init script fixes from Christoph (with some
  edits from yours truly, since I'm an opininated bastard who likes
  things done my way.)
* Added check to lookup_program.c: no output at all == error.

Since autofs-0.3.7:
* Removed kernel code from distribution, except for 2.0.30 diff (will
  remain until 2.0.31 is released.)  Kernel code will now only be
  included with the main kernel distribution, although Makefiles will
  continue to support building the kernel code.
* Tried to eliminate race conditions relating to signals received in
  the vicinity of a fork(), as well as multiple SIGCHLD signals
  received while SIGCHLD blocked.
* Better sample rc file and man pages from Christoph Lameter of the
  Debian project, with edits from hpa.
* In mount_smbfs.c: smb_parse_options() is destructive; make it
  operate on a copy of the options string.

Since autofs-0.3.6:
* Kernel code should now compile on 2.1.43 or higher.
* Minor cleanup of stdout/stderr redirect.
* Fixed this file!

Since autofs-0.3.5:
* stdout/stderr of subprograms (only stderr for program maps, of
  course) now is automatically redirected to the syslog.  As a result,
  the spawn[lv]() interface has changed somewhat.
* kernel: minor bug fixes.
* daemon: minor cleanup.
* Now compiles (and runs) on SPARC.
* daemon: Should now handle extremely short timeouts, or no timeouts,

Since autofs-0.3.4:
* kernel: *Hopefully* fixed the wait queue list corruption (kernel
  NULL pointer dereference) bug.

Since autofs-0.3.3:
* kernel: *Hopefully* fixed that annoying "filesystem busy" bug.

Since autofs-0.3.2:
* Added "mount_generic" and "mount_smbfs" modules.
* Support ":" to escape a mount point beginning with "/" in a Sun map.
* Support -fstype= option in Sun maps.

Since autofs-0.3.1:
* kernel: effectivized handling of waits interrupted by a signal.
* kernel: closed some extremely theoretical security holes.
* kernel: fixed two problems that could lead to kernel oopses.

Since autofs-0.3.0:
* The kernel code should once again work on kernel 2.0.30 and 2.1.x
  for x < 36.
* No need to fork an expiry process if there is nothing to expire!
* Attempting to mount a nonexistent directory should no longer leave a
  pad directory around, causing renewed mount attempts on "ls".
* Timeout is now adjustible (set to 0 to turn off timeouts completely.)

Since autofs-0.2.2:
* Support expiry of idle mounts; currently the timeout is fixed at 5
* Ship kernel source that can be built either as a part of the autofs
  or the kernel source trees.
* Ought to compile on the Alpha, although I cannot test it here.

Since autofs-0.2.1:
* Can now read options and ignore whitespace and comments in Sun maps.
* Does closing the file descriptors after forking help avoid hung

Since autofs-0.2.0:
* Cleaned up the interface between modules (not perfect yet; I was
  even quite tempted to rewrite the interface using C++ classes,
  but...)  Do expect the interface to still change, for example:
  expect a umount method to be added to the mount module.  Strings
  passed are now managed by the calling module, and can be allocated
  in any desirable way.
* Moved mount operation to its own module.
* Handle options passed on the command line; not options passed in the map yet.
* Handle $-escapes in Sun style maps, including the Sun predefined
* New "program" map type: the map is an executable which is passed the
  key on the command line, and writes the map entry to stdout on
  success and exit 0, or exit 1 on failure.

Since autofs-970417:
* Use a real versioning scheme :)
* Fixed bugs that would make file maps unmountable.  Still don't quite
  understand *why*, which bugs me, though...
* Man page by B. James Phillippe.

Since autofs-970409:
* Modified the .so interface slightly, in order to make it possible
  for future versions to have multiple lookup sessions.
* Added "file" map type.

Since autofs-970402:
* The parsing module has been factored out into a separate dynamic
  module.  This should make writing other lookup modules much easier.
* The automount daemon now accepts kill -USR1 as a "unmount all
  filesystems and exit if everything could be unmounted" and kill
  -USR2 "unmount all non-busy filesystems".  Prelude to handling
  timeouts, I hope.
* The autofs code is now integrated in kernels 2.1.31 and above (a
  patch for the 2.1.31 code is included, however; 2.1.32 is correct);
  a patch is included for 2.0.30 and has been submitted to Linus for
  inclusion in 2.0.31.
* include/linux/auto_fs.h is no longer shipped in the tools
  distribution; the one from the kernel should be used, so you need
  the (appropriately patched) kernel sources in /usr/src/linux.
* added NEWS and README files.
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