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This is the first version of the user_call utilities. They are little
program,s to allow users of ax25d and the node to initiate outgoing AX.25,
NET/ROM and Rose connections. They are very powerful program because it can
pretend to be someone else, so be careful !

My testing has been within the confined of the node, but the comments here
apply equally well to use via ax25d.

Ax25_call takes at least three parameters:

ax25_call <port> <my callsign> <remote callsign> [<digipeaters> ...]

Netrom_call takes three parameters:

netrom_call <port> <my callsign> <remote address>

Rose_call takes four parameters:

rose_call <port> <my callsign> <remote callsign> <remote Rose address>

The <port> is the name of a local AX.25, NET/ROM or Rose port as defined in
the axports, nrports or rsports files respectively. <my callsign> is the
callsign that this connection appears to have come from, ie the local
*user*. It has nothing to do with your AX.25 port callsign.

Ax25_call must have at least the callsign of the remote user and a set of
optional digipeaters.

The <remote address> for netrom_call may be of two forms, either the remote
node callsign, or a combination of the remote node alias and remote node
callsign seperated by a ':'. Netrom_call only connects to the remote
callisgn, the full address is sent to the local user for information.

The <remote callsign> for rose_call is the "service" at the remote Rose
node, ie USERS or any other valid AX.25 callsign, <remote Rose address> is
the ten-digit Rose address of the remote node.

To start any of these from within the node, you will need to add a line like
the following to the /etc/ax25/node.conf file, this example uses rose_call:

ExtCmd	BBS 0 root /usr/sbin/rose_call rose_call rose %S k4dpz 3100352392

This assumes that rose_call is installed in /usr/sbin which is the default.
This will create a new command "BBS" for the node, which when typed will
connect the user to the callsign K4DPZ at remote Rose node 3100352392. The
callsign of the local user is where the %S appears in the line, it is
substituted by node for the users callsign. See node.conf(5) for more
details of the syntax.

Setting up these programs via ax25d is also quite simple and is similar
conceptually to the example above.

All of these programs generates errors that are received by the local user,
so if there are any problems then the local user will be able to quote the
message to you.

Give them a whirl and let me know how you go.

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