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Version 11.1.0:
 * Added display-numeric, for combination of bar w/ dialog and zenity.
 * Added display-wait
 * Added bar-openbrace-char
 * Added bar-closebrace-char
 * Added bar-complete-char
 * Added bar-incomplete-char
 * Fixed some compiler warnings
 * Bugfix for some 64-bit systems:
   * Added an autoconf test to check to see if CC supports -m64
   * Added a configure flag: --disable-use-m64 - to prevent use of -m64 flag
   * On some 64-bit systems uint64 was found to not be able to hold the value
     of 1E.  This resulted in faulty logic in safe_mul() that would cause
     segmentation faults and infinite loops.  For systems without a CC that
     supprots -m64, added a test to check for the largest safe number to use
     for the variable 'multiplier' in safe_mul().  However, without access to
     such a system there would likely be other bugs to contend with...
 * Added support for a system-wide config file: /etc/clpbarrc.
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