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August 2008

Binary Package Rename

As of version 0.14, the binary package names for libbarry (both RPM and DEB)
have been renamed to libbarry0, to match the commonly accepted procedure
of most distributions.

This change may cause package conflicts if you are not careful during
the upgrade.  Please be sure to remove old Barry packages before
installing version 0.14.

May 2008

API Change

As of version 0.13, the Barry API has changed to use a hierarchy of Mode
classes instead of using the Controller class to switch modes or select
them.  These new Mode classes are in a new namespace called Mode.

In theory, these modes can be operational at the same time, such as
Desktop, Serial, and IpModem.  Eventually, a JavaLoader mode may also
be available.

Please see the example code in the examples directory for sample code
and usage.

IP Modem support

Version 0.13 has preliminary IP Modem support.  You will need a newer
Blackberry device to make use of this.

December 2006

Note: as of version 0.4, Barry depends on the stable version of libusb,
not the devel tarball available on the Barry sourceforge site.  Install
stable libusb (0.1.12 or similar) and libusb-devel from your distribution's
regular package set.


See for the latest news.

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