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Belgian eID Middleware runtime installation
In order to install the software, the user needs to have root privileges.

Install the Belgian eID middleware and GUI by executing the 
script '' located in the 'install'-directory as root, eg:
$ sudo ./

After installing the software, you can start the GUI.
by typing 'beidgui' at the command prompt or to start the application from the menu
You do not need root privileges to run the application.

To uninstall the software, execute '' as root, e.g.:
$ sudo ./

Fedora 9
It is possible that the OpenCT package disturnbs the working of the cardreader.
Check if the packages openct and pcsc-lite-openct are installed and remove them
in the following way:
	rpm -e --nodeps openct
	rpm -e --nodeps pcsc-lite-openct

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