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BibleMemorizer is a program to help with memorizing scripture.


Please see INSTALL for installation instructions, they are slightly
different from the standard autoconf/automake instructions used for most
other open-source software.

BibleMemorizer is capable of creating verse files, as well as giving
multi-verse quizzes.  Thus, as of this release, it is functionally ready for
everyday use.

A simple test file "test-0.6.bvc" is provided.  The verses quoted are from the
KJV and thus are in the public domain.  The intent is for you to create your
own verse file with the verses you intend to memorize, from whatever
translation you desire.  At the moment, a full collection is not provided due
to potential copyright issues.

0.6 slightly changes the format compared to 0.5, in that it stores categories
in a more sensible way (and thus now allows ";" in category names.)  However,
BibleMemorizer 0.6 can successfully read any file created by any previous
release of BibleMemorizer.  Categories in particular written by 0.6, however,
will not work properly in 0.5 or earlier.

See the TODO file for some implementation ideas that may come in the future.
If you would like to help with development and implement any of these features
please e-mail Jeremy Erickson (
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