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2009-01-10 Jeremy Erickson <>
	*New minor release: Version 0.6.4
	-Fixes STL-related build errors on some platforms from missing headers,
	should work on Qt with -no-sql now.
	-Removed the button to collapse the verse list, which didn't work on Qt 4
	 builds and took up space.
	-A couple of Windows build tweaks.
2009-01-01 Jeremy Erickson <>
	*New minor release: Version 0.6.3
	-Sword plugin improvements: now properly excludes footnotes, etc. and
	 handles spacing between verses.
	-Warns when plugin (currently the Sword plugin) is about to fetch a large
	 number of verses.
	-Plugin loader now properly checks version for compatibility.
	-Fixed bug on Unix where "make uninstall" would delete non-BibleMemorizer
	-Changed labels to read-only text boxes for verse display, to handle long
2008-12-31 Jeremy Erickson <>
	*New minor release: Version 0.6.2
	-More build system improvements, including preliminary Windows support.
	-More robust error handling for bad files and plugin problems
	-BiblePlugin and BiblePluginMeta are now QObject subclasses and so
	 properly support tr()
2008-12-29 Jeremy Erickson <>
	*New minor release: Version 0.6.1
	-Numerous build system improvements (more ./config options, etc.)
	-Icons and .desktop file are now installed by default.
	-Mac OS X is now a first-class platform, with proper application bundle
	 icon behavior, plugin finding, and a script for setting up the bundle.
2008-12-25 Jeremy Erickson <>
	*New release: Version 0.6
	-New multi-verse quiz feature, including reference quizzing
	-Quiz error finding is more fine-grained, and can ignore spelling,
	 capitalization, and punctuation errors.
	-Categories stored in a more logical manner in the XML (based on a
	 suggestion by Olaf Radicke) and now support ";" in the names
	-Proper error handling on loading of invalid verse files.
	-Included some build files, etc. provided by Raphaƫl Pinson
	-Numerous internal changes not directly visible to user:
		-Split code into core/ and ui/ directories as appropriate.
		-Created a more proper search algorithm that pre-parses the query.
		-Removed the VerseWatcher class in favor of native Qt signal/slot
		-Added additional use of Qt signal/slot functionality to abstract
		 changes away from the MainAct class.
		-Verse and VerseCollection are now QObjects, and VerseCollection
		 handles deleting Verse objects automatically as a result.
		-Split off the verse selection into a new VerseSelectAct class that is
		 also used when writing quizzes.
2006-12-27 Jeremy Erickson <>
	*New minor release: Version 0.5.2
	-Fixed glibc free() error on crosswire plugin.
2006-12-27 Jeremy Erickson <>
	*New minor release: Version 0.5.1
	-Fixed a couple copyright years.
	-Updated the Sword plugin to handle UTF-8 correctly.
2006-12-27 Jeremy Erickson <>
	*New Release: Version 0.5
	-Fixed several plugin issues that could cause segfaulting.
	-New, more flexible search query system.
	-Can now automatically load the last opened file on startup.
	-Can now set a default translation.
	-uBook in files more readable (uses "ot" and "nt" for testament when
	-Crosswire plugin works with Sword 1.5.9
	-The verse list is ordered.
2005-11-27 Jeremy Erickson <>
	*New release: Version 0.4
	-The "Edit" menu now works.  (Binds to active widget, essentially.)
	-The "Quiz" feature has been implemented.
	-Plugins can now report the number of chapters in a book.
	-Plugin failures should now result in helpful errors instead of segfaults.
	-Fixed another bug where BibleMemorizer would always segfault.
	-Support for building on Qt 4.  (Now works with both Qt 3 and Qt 4.)
2005-05-06	Jeremy Erickson <>
	*New release: Version 0.3
	-Features separated into plugins.
	-uBooks added to verse capabilities, to allow different plugins to interact.
	-MIT single license (except GPL for Sword plugin).
	-Code cleaned up a bit and made more logical.
2005-04-12	Jeremy Erickson <>
	*New release: Version 0.2
	-Now with Sword integration available.
	-Now searches verses.
	-Chapter field now separate from "Verses".
	-MIT/GPL dual license.
2005-03-21	Jeremy Erickson <>
	*First release of BibleMemorizer: Version 0.1
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