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This is a little program which I originally wrote when I was learning
C, some time ago now.  It has gone through a couple of total
re-writes, the last of which was four or five years ago now[0], but I
still find it a useful program.

It displays a list of events which are coming up in the near future,
based on a config file (~/.birthdays) in the user's home directory.  I
include it in my .profile, so I get the list every time I log on.  See
the manpage for more details of this format.

You can download the latest version from the SourceForge project page, .

The source as supplied includes a version for Windows.  This version
uses the Borland custom controls (as shipped with BC++ 3.1), and a DLL
which I wrote which had prettier buttons, which is not supplied here
(as it never really worked!).  Therefore it most likely will not
compile as is, but is included for reference.  I don't use Windows
much any more, so if you fix it up and get it working, it'd be nice if
you could send me the new version for the use of everyone else.

-- Andy Mortimer


[0] In other words: it's probably due for another[1]!  Strange, I never
    seem to stop learning ...

[1] I wrote this comment around 6 years ago. :-/
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