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Python API library 			//

        Several frozen Python byte code modules are now included in the
        API under libfrozen.a. libbpython must be linked with libfrozen.a
        from now on.

source files:

py_*.c:	library files of Jan Walters API. Might undergo major replacements / surgery 
opy_*:  the 'old' python API code. In fact quite nice and functional... -- needs
        splitting up in API/ interfacing part.
BPY_*:  these are the future API prefixes (newly written stuff that should be
        Blender 3.0 compliant... -- no interface calls inside)
        This is not YET quite true, for convenience, it still contains some direct
        Blender access. 
b_* :   Blender interfacing / tools -- may contain dirty access hacks for blender

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