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  On Windows i used cygwin with mingw-gcc compiler. ( 
  You will even need the Source from the "Simply DirectMedia Layer" Library.
  1. Install Cygwin and Compile the SDL Library into it.
		  ./configure --prefix=/usr
		  make install
	  The SDL.DLL file you will find under /usr/lib
  2. Compile the Source of BomberClone
	  if this doesn't work try
		aclocal -f
		autoheader -f
		autoconf -f
		automake -a
	  then run the game with 
  if everything goes right, you only need to run 
  if nothing goes right, you will need : 

Binary Versions

  Untar the downloaded file and go into the game
  directory. You need to have the following libs
  installed to run this binary:
	  SDL-1.2.7, SDL_mixer and SDL_image (with PNG support)

  in the game dir just enter:

  The windows Binary Version will include eveything,
  the SDL Librarys and all other stuff needed by
  BomberClone. The game will come with an Installer.
  So you won't have to do anything.


1. Starting a networkgame in a LAN network isn't working.
    - disable to notify the masterserver

2. Players are jumping around, player are running thought walls
   won't die.
    - packet loss, network to slow
	  right now the game tryes to send as much as possible,
	  if it can't send anymore it will bring down the network
	  traffic, but this only works for a while.
3. You start a server but noone can join it, even the other
   people can see your game on the master server.
    - the game needs in the current state always direct access to the
	  UDP Port 11000, if you change it over the (-port) parameter you need 
	  to open this port.
	- If you sit behind a firewall, make sure that the gameport is forwarded and 
	  if you send something, your firewall won't change the source-port.
	  The game and the masterserver need this information to identify your
	  Game and Player later.
	  (i have seen some games was logged by the gameserver with port numbers
	   above 30000, which mostly indicates that there is some problem 
	   with a firewall or router)

If you have other problems, or just want to say something about the game, you 
just need to send me an email to :


(Ver. 0.3)
The Game uses TCP port 11000, and it needs that other clients can 
connect to this port. So check your network configuration.

(Ver. 0.4)
This Version uses only UDP Port 11000, so check it again.. :o)


How to save the single frames into one big image for the animations
The Dieing sequence will be in version 0.4


 left |  right | up   | down | dieing
  F1  |   F1   |  F1  |  F1  |  F1     Frame 1
  F2  |   F2   |  F2  |  F2  |  F2     Frame 2
  F3  |   F3   |  F3  |  F3  |  F3     Frame 3
  F4  |   F4   |  F4  |  F4  |  F4     Frame 4
  F5  |   F5   |  F5  |  F5  |  F5     Frame 5


  Linux  : Marcus, Patty, x-coder, Steffen
  Windows: boogieman, deadlock, acid


Steffen Pohle 

Or on our Project Page

Thanks to TekkRat who mage all the diffrent players for us.

You can find us on : 
  irc:// #bomberclone
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