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BW-Lib by Bill Weinman

11 March 2010

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the same terms as Perl itself.


BW-Lib (collectively, the BW::* module tree) is a set of perl modules
developed by Bill Weinman over the course of about 15 years. It provides
a uniform interface for a number of common functions, most of which are
available elsewhere with other interfaces.

The purpose of this library is to provide a common set of functions for
use in developing applications in Perl without having to use a lot of
different libraries with different requirements and different
interfaces. The commonality of the interfaces works for me.

Please note: This library duplicates the functionality of a number of
other common modules, so there is very little here that is unique. It's
not designed to be "better" -- only more uniform, and therefor easier to
use (at least I find it so).

I've submitted it to CPAN so that it can be easily installed for the
various applications that I distribute that use it.

This library provides: 

    BW::Base - Base routines for BW::* modules
    BW::AddressCodes - US States and Country codes
    BW::Constants - Commonly used constants
    BW::Common - Some common utility functions
    BW::CGI - Simple OO CGI (this is NOT a plugin replacement!)
    BW::Config - Support for simple configuration files
    BW::Email - Support for sending email messages
    BW::Include - Apache SSI-compatible Include file processing (Templates)
    BW::Jumptable - Jump table support (for simple state machines)
    BW::XML::Out - Simple XML output
    BW::XML::HTML - Small subset X/HTML output using BW::XML::Out

The emphasis here is on *simple*. All of these modules are intended to 
do their job simply and effectively. Most of this was written independent
of and often before the popular modules that they may duplicate in CPAN. 

See INSTALL for installation instructions. 

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