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Modifications made on the SVN and BZR: Rev => 2.0.9

/* A bugs fixed version */

Fabounet :
 * Miscellaneous :
   * Added documentation in .h files
   * Cleaning of Cairo-Dock API
   * Fixed some of memory leaks
   * Fixed a crash when a module stop
   * set the Widget Layer rule automatically
   * detection of composition
   * metacity: automatically turn on composite
   * proposed to see the help if it has never been done
   * message when no plug-in
   * removed some print messages
 * Config pannel :
   * changed the agencement of many options for a better ergonomy.
   * enhancement of previews in config panels
   * correction of the icon's order bug
   * Using font selector to simplify the config panel
   * small refresh of the config panel
   * Improved the config panel for launchers
 * Dock rendering :
   * fixed extended panel mode
 * Desklets :
   * Fixed picking 3D bug.
   * bug-fix on ratio 
   * desklets can't be hidden
 * Dialogs :
   * fixed to don't have twice the same dialog on notification
   * dialogs can't be hidden
   * the dock doesn't go under windows when a dialog exists
 * Gauges :
   * graph :
     * fixed the scale of graph to fit the icon's width
     * fixed graph with mixed values
 * OpenGL :
   * Added a workaround for ATI xorg drivers (with KMS on kernel boot)
   * try to start the OpenGL backend without Stencil if failed
 * Task bar :
   * correction of some icons doesn't appear
   * correction of the discontinuity in icon disappearance animation
   * solved the jump of icons when closing
   * fixed the bug with quick-hide
   * fixed the drawing of indicator on appli's icon
   * integration of the icon glide movement into the animation loop
   * added some tooltips to the menu
   * lock dock option works now for all icons
 * Themes :
   * added versionning for distant themes
   * Default: correction in some conf files
   * fixed 1 crash when reloading theme
   * Improved the theme selector
   * TM handles .tar.bz2 and .tgz
 * Subdocks
   * fixed block bugs
   * correction of the sub-sub-docks bug
 * Xinerama: available for all root docks to take into account different screen sizes
 * XShape: correction 1 bug on fullscreen mode

Mav :
 * Fix headers cairo-dock-dbus
 * Updated LICENCE file.
 * Updated default-theme.

Matttbe :
 * Updated translations
 * Added licences in each file
 * fixed a little bug in tips of the cairo-dock menu
 Modifications made on BZR : Rev =>

/* A bugs fixed version */

Fabounet :
 * Miscellaneous
   * animations and effects names are now translated
   * fixed versionning for Dbus and Switcher
 * Rendering :
   * fixed a bug in rendering-caroussel
   * fixed a bug on Slide view (wrong placement)
   * correction on Slide view (some parameters didn't work)
   * rewriting the equations on Slide's wave
 * MusicPlayer :
   * small bug-fix on MP if artist AND title is empty
   * fixed a infinite loop when a player crash
   * Fixed blank covers for Audacious
   * modified the dowload of covers (Amazon has changed its API)
   * prevent empty image from Amazon 
 * Switcher :
   * fixed a bug with windows list with Metacity
 * weather :
   * fixed the name when no connection at start
 * Dbus :
   * small bug fixes (stop signal)
   * test if distant applet is not already launched
   * fixed the DBus applet launching
 * Cairo-Penguin :
   * correction of a refresh bug
 * shortcuts :
   * handle the case of unmounted volume
   * fixed a crash when removing the last bookmark
 * Stack :
   * fixed stack sub-dock on clic
 * Clipper :
   * fixed a crash

Matttbe :
 * Cairo-Penguin :
   * Take the gtk icon as the others
 * dnd2share :
   * workaround for curl when a file contains a comma
 * Update translations
 * Rename en_GB => en
 * Little improvement with the config panel for Note and Mail

Tofe :
 * Mail :
   * Fixed crash
 Rev 2.1.3-6 => 2.1.3-10-lucid

/* A bugs fixed version */

  * Fixed some bugs:
    * Fixed a important crash when read several xml data
    * LP: #521167 Cairo-dock crashes by theme changing
    * Fixed a bug with desklets buttons
    * Used icons of the system
    * Fixed a bug when removing a container with OpenGL backend
    * Fixed some typo on some define
    * Fixed a little bug in the drag motion
    * Reduced the disk access for SSD disk
  * Used the official Ubuntu Lucid theme.

 * New upstream release
  * Fixed some bugs:
    * LP: #455261 (Cannot Modify / Add Custom Launchers)
    * LP: #449422 (Cairo-Dock resize problem)
    * LP: #489349 (showDesktop Applet only seems to work
           every second time you click on it)
    * LP: #526742 (The system monitor plugin and netspeed
           plugin inverts upside-down continuously)
    * Dbus: Used the right DBus API of Cairo-Dock (2.1.3 stable)
    * Used icons of the system
    * alsaMixer: fixed a crash when read several xml data
    * musicPlayer:
    * Removed some annoying warnings
    * Banshee-plugin: fixed some bugs due to the new version (1.4.0)

 Rev 2.1.3-10 => 2.2.0-0beta4
 * Migrated from Autotools to CMake
 * Use libcurl for file downloads
 * OpenGL backend: migrated from Pbuffer to FBO.
 * Added 2 new visibility modes
 * Added hiding animations
 * Removed files management from the core
 * VFS backend: new methods added
 * OpenGL backend: added a cairo-like API for paths
 * Applet API: unified methods to handle icons in sub-docks and desklets
 * Added ability to have several docks with independant configurations
 * Icons that demand attention are visible even when the dock is hidden
 * Icons are now loaded progressively for a faster startup
 * Desklets: added ability to click behind desklets
 * Labels: homogeneous spacing and better rendering in OpenGL
 * Better guessing of launcher's class
 * Config panel :
  * Improved the simple config panel, new categories of applets in the advanced panel
  * Added buttons to enable some features of Gnome/Compiz/etc.
  * Added internet connection options
 * Added a config file for startup options
 * Added man pages
 * Removed unwanted verbosity
 * Updated translations


 * Me-Menu: new applet that adds the Me-Menu inside the dock
 * Messaging-Menu: new applet that adds the Messaging-Menu inside the dock
 * Dock-rendering: added a new 'Panel' view
 * DBus: added new methods to the API   added management of third-party applets through a repository
 * Clock: horizontal packaging of time date
 * Switcher: horizontal packaging of desktops
 * Dnd2Share: added tiny-url ability
 * Logout: added the ability to lock the screen
 * Dustbin: handle trashes in all the volumes
 * Shortcuts: display a message when unmounting and connecting disks, and fixed icons reordering
 * MusicPlayer: added support for Guayadeque
 * Switcher: added Exposé in the list of actions for middle-click
 * Dialog-rendering: improved the 'tooltip' view
 * Improved the integration with KDEand use gio for XFCE 4.6
 * Mail: bug-fix in messages count
 * Folders: new applet that adds file-managing abilities to the dock.
 * Updated translations

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