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There is a list of people who we want to say thanks for their contributions
into the development of CenterIM.

Bertram Bourdrez <>

    For code contributions. He's the one who implemented collapsable

Iulian Ciorascu

    For the non-blocking SSL connections on Jabber and a bunch of other
    useful patches.

And here are the authors of IM protocols handling code I used.

    Barnaby Gray <>      ICQ

    Ian Gulliver <>       AIM and IRC

    Philip S Tellis <philip.tellis AT>  the Yahoo! protocol.

    Mark Rowe                                   MSN

    Wojtek Kaniewski <>
    Robert J. Wony <>
    Arkadiusz Mikiewicz <>
    Tomasz Chiliļæ½ki <>
    Piotr Wysocki <>
    Dawid Jarosz <>        Gadu-Gadu

Norberto Navarro <>

    For some hardware related donations to the project.

The Jabber Team

    for their GNU Jabber library.

All the donators for their generous contributions.
The complete list is here:

This is an old list, dated from 2004/06/30 21:17:26.
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