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* Comments

This module provides a comments publishing system for
all the ``selected'' objects by showing an XHTML form
which allow users to posts their comments. It's based
on the text-file-based database implementation. Note,
this module is designed to works with the "posts_mgr"
and "pages_mgr" modules.

In order to make the module a bit more flexible the
following key/value pairs options are provided:

   show		show the module *only* into the
                selected objects which have to be
		specified as a comma separated list
		of IDs (as send throught the GET
		method of the module - post for posts
		and page for pages)

   unshow	the exact contrary of "show" but with
   		lower priority

For more informations on how to configure this module
refer to each option comment present into the modules
configuration file (default "usr/modconf.php").

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