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Prototyper(1)               User Commands              Prototyper(1)

       Prototyper - Runs CLAM networks with a Qt interface

       Prototyper   [Network.clamnetwork  [Interface.ui]]  [-o]  [-d
       backend1 [-d backend2]...]

       The Prototyper runs audio processing networks created by  the
       CLAM  NetworkEditor  (.clamnetwork)  which  can be controlled
       using a Qt user interface (.ui) created by the Qt Designer to
       control it.

       Qt  widget names on the interface will be used to connect the
       widgets the proper network elements.  See the CLAM NetworkEd‐
       itor tutorial for more detailed explanation.  on how to spec‐
       ify such binding.

       If no interface is provided on the command line,  the  Proto‐
       typer  will look for an interface with the same name than the
       network and the proper extension.   If  anything  else  fails
       then a minimalistic default interface will be used.

       You  can  also provide a list of audio backends to try.  Most
       common backends are 'alsa', 'jack', 'portaudio'...  They will
       be  probed  in  order  and  the  first  one  working  will be
       selected. If none of the selected works then the default list
       of backends for the platform will be tried.

       The -o option executes the network without any interface

       CLAM development team (clam (at)

       NetworkEditor(1),   designer-qt4(1),  QtSMSTools(1),  Annota‐
       tor(1) (Network
       Editor Tutorial)

version 0.1.2              August 24, 2005             Prototyper(1)
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