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pkg://clamav-devel-20120305.tar.gz:36981265/clamav-devel-20120305/win32/clamav-for-windows/sigui/wxWidgets-2.9.1/misc/unictabl/  info  downloads


  Files in this directory are used to generate 
  src/common/ -- wxEncodingConverter helper tables that hold
  information about charset-to-unicode and unicode-to-charset conversion
  These scripts will most probably not run under Windows, even with
  Cygwin tools. You'll need some Unix machine 
  (tested only under Linux, so...)

  To add support for new encoding, simply add proper .TXT file from to mappings directory. But **please**
  make sure that newly added file has only CR, not LF+CR at end of line.
  Also make sure it consists of 4 tab-separated columns (not spaces;
  # and comment must be separated by one tab)
  After adding the file, run ./ and commit 
  src/common/ to CVS.
  Or just send the mapping file to me ( and I'll 
  take care of it myself ;-)

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