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Clamz 0.5

 Clamz is a little command-line program to download MP3 files from's music store.  It is intended to serve as a substitute
 for Amazon's official MP3 Downloader, which is not free software (and
 therefore is only available in binary form for a limited set of
 platforms.)  Clamz can be used to download either individual songs or
 complete albums that you have purchased from Amazon.

 Clamz is free software.  Please see the COPYING file for more

But First

 A reminder that there is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND for this
 program.  See the COPYING file if you find this in any way unclear.


 Clamz uses the libraries libgcrypt, libcurl, and libexpat.  As such,
 you must have these libraries, including the "development" files,
 installed on your system prior to installing Clamz.  The exact
 package names vary between distributions.

  Debian: install the packages libgcrypt11-dev, libcurl4-gnutls-dev or
    libcurl4-openssl-dev, and libexpat1-dev.

  Fedora: install the packages libgcrypt-devel, curl-devel, and

 To compile clamz, untar the source package and run the following


 To install, run (as root):

	make install


 When you buy a single song from Amazon, you have the option to either
 download it in your web browser (the default behavior) or via the MP3
 Downloader.  When you buy an album, Amazon gives you no choice: you
 must enable the MP3 Downloader.

 To enable the MP3 downloader in the web store, visit the following URL:

 (Ignore all the instructions on that page, of course.)  This works by
 setting a cookie in your browser; it seems to be completely separate
 from your Amazon account.  If you are outside the US, replace
 '' with the corresponding domain for your country (e.g., for the UK, or for France.)  Amazon does not
 allow anyone to purchase MP3 files from outside their country of

 In any case, when you actually go to download the file(s), if the
 appropriate cookie is set you will be directed to open or download an
 AMZ file.  This file is basically just an encrypted list of URLs plus
 additional information (artist, title, and so forth) about the songs.

 Save the AMZ file somewhere, and run clamz on it; by default this
 will just download all of the linked files into the current
 directory.  More control over where the files are downloaded and how
 they are named is available via the command line, as well as the
 configuration file, ~/.clamz/config.


 Let's hope there aren't any.  If you do encounter a problem, here's
 what to do:

  - Keep a second copy of the AMZ file.  Clamz will automatically save
    a copy in the ~/.clamz/amzfiles/ directory.  Be aware, however,
    that if you try to use Amazon's official MP3 Downloader to open
    the AMZ file, it will automatically delete the file after reading
    it!  Make sure to keep an extra copy around -- it will be useful
    in figuring out what went wrong.

  - Clamz keeps detailed logs of its interactions with the Amazon web
    servers; these are stored in the ~/.clamz/logs/ directory.  These
    log files may also be useful in figuring out what went wrong.

  - Use clamz -i to print out the details of the AMZ file, if
    possible.  There are basically two ways Amazon might try to break
    Clamz: by changing the AMZ format, or by blocking Clamz from their
    servers.  In the former case the format will need to be
    reverse-engineered anew.  In the latter case, though, you may be
    able to download the files by other means, such as through a web

  - Please report any problems you encounter.  You can use the Clamz
    bug tracker (, or
    contact me directly at


Version 0.5 -- 2011-10-23

 * Support unencrypted AMZ files, which Amazon has recently started
   using for the Amazon Cloud Player.  (If you choose not to use the
   Cloud Player, the old MP3 store interface is still using encrypted
   AMZ files, at least for now.)  Thanks to John Southworth for
   identifying the problem and providing a patch.

Version 0.4 -- 2010-04-30

 * Changed the User-Agent string, to accomodate Amazon's UK servers.
   Clamz should work fine with the Amazon UK store, but as I
   personally have no way of testing it, your bug reports are always

 * Interactions with the server are recorded to a log file, stored in
   the ~/.clamz/logs/ directory.

 * When clamz is launched directly from a web browser, files are
   stored in the desktop "music" directory by default.  (This is
   normally defined in the file ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs if you are
   running a desktop environment such as GNOME or KDE.  If not,
   $HOME/Music is used instead.)

 * File names may include the user-dirs variables ($XDG_DESKTOP_DIR,
   $XDG_MUSIC_DIR, etc.), and may include conditional variable
   expressions (${foo:-bar} and ${foo:+bar}), similar to shell
   variable expansion.

 * Improved curl error reporting.

 * When resuming a partial download, the progress display takes the
   existing portion of the file into account.

 * Non-ASCII characters are handled better in the progress display.

Version 0.3 -- 2010-03-31

 * Added MIME info and desktop files for GNOME/KDE/etc.  Your web
   browser should offer to launch clamz when you download an AMZ file
   (you may want to edit the settings in ~/.clamz/config beforehand.)

 * Fixed an old bug that caused clamz to fail when an absolute path is

 * Added 'OutputDir' option to specify an output directory from the
   ~/.clamz/config file.

 * Added missing initialization code to placate libgcrypt.

 * The variables ${amz_title}, ${amz_creator}, ${amz_asin}, and
   ${amz_genre} have been deprecated; this information is no longer
   supplied in current AMZ files.  The (essentially equivalent)
   variables ${album}, ${album_artist}, and ${album_asin} can be used
   instead, but there doesn't seem to be any "album genre" field.

 * Added -r option to resume a partially-completed download.

 * If an error occurs while downloading, automatically retry up to 5

 * Thanks to the many users who have sent in their suggestions and bug
   reports!  Particular thanks go to Jim Radford for his helpful
   suggestions and patches regarding several of the above issues.

Version 0.2 -- 2008-10-10

 * Fixed a rather serious bug preventing clamz from parsing certain
   amz files.

 * Added -x option to dump raw XML (thanks to Dan Lenski for this

 * Made configure script more aggressive.

Version 0.1 -- 2008-03-26

 * First release.
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