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Gnomeria 1.0 (c) 2004 Ciprian Popovici

This package contains a theme set for the Claws Mail email
client. The theme was put together by Ciprian Popovici and you
can always find the latest copy at the following address, along
with contact and other details:

The icons in the package were created by Jakub Steiner. His
collection can be found at the following address:

As per his specifications, these icons are free for use with
free software projects such as Claws Mail. You may
distribute and use this theme package freely with Claws
Mail, as long as you do not change anything in it.

If you wish to use any of the icons for other purposes please
go to Jakub Steiner's website and get them there. They are
available in much higher quality, PNG format, as well as
various sizes.
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