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This plugin offers a Python scripting access to Claws Mail.

Python code can be entered interactively into an embedded Python
console, or stored in scripts.

You can provide scripts working on the main window by placing files
into ~/.claws-mail/python-scripts/main.
The scripts are then accessible via the menu of the main window.

You can also provide scripts working on an opened compose window
by placing files into ~/.claws-mail/python-scripts/compose. The
compose window object is then available in the variable

It's also possible to place scripts in the toolbars via the
toolbar editor.

The folder ~/.claws-mail/python-scripts/auto/ may contain some
scripts that are automatically executed when certain events
occur. Currently, the following files in this directory
are recognised:

  	Gets executed whenever a compose window is opened, no matter
  	if that opening happened as a result of composing a new message,
  	replying or forwarding a message.
  	Executed at plugin load
  	Executed at plugin unload

A few examples follow.

========================== 8< ===========================
# Send the same mail to a list of people, one at a time.
# As this is normal Python code, the message contents and 
# the addresses could also come from an external source 
# (such as a file, or a database).

addresses = ["mail1@example.tld", "mail2@example.tld", "mail3@example.tld"]

for address in addresses:

    # The argument for the constructor is an email address on which
    # the sending account is selected.
    # It's also possible to use the default constructor without arguments,
    # in which case the same rules as on a menu click one "New message"
    # are applied.
    cw = clawsmail.ComposeWindow("")
    # Add a recipient. There are also add_Cc and add_Bcc functions.
    # Set the subject of the message
    cw.set_subject("Mass mail")
    # For the message body, access to the GtkTextView is granted in ComposeWindow.text.
    buffer = cw.text.get_buffer()
    buffer.set_text("This is an automatic message")
    # Access to the GtkUIManager is also provided
    action_group = cw.ui_manager.get_action_groups()[0]

# Finally, the action group of the main window can be used to send the messages out

========================== 8< ===========================

# Batch processing: Apply an action (here: marking as read) to all messages
# recursively starting from the currently selected folder. 

# Define the function to deal with individual folders
def deal_with_folder(folder):
    # Get actions for selecting all messages, and marking the selection as read
    action_group = clawsmail.get_mainwindow_action_group();
    select_all_action = action_group.get_action("Edit/SelectAll")
    mark_read_action = action_group.get_action("Message/Mark/MarkRead")
    # Select given folder
    # Search for messages with age greater than 28 days
    clawsmail.quicksearch_search("ag 28", clawsmail.QUICK_SEARCH_EXTENDED)
    # Mark all messages in the search result as read

# Get selected folder, the subtree below it, and call above function for all folders
root = clawsmail.get_folderview_selected_folder()
# Get a tree of subfolders. The argument could also be a string of a mailbox name,
# or left out for a list of mailbox trees.
tree = clawsmail.get_folder_tree(root)

# Call above function for all folders.

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