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2011-09-07 Release 1.0.3 

Bugs fixed:

   input failed if first line in fasta file was empty

   input failed if Clustal formatted file had trailing residue numbers

   '*' character was causing problems, did not get filtered out by squid 

   --outfmt=fasta was not recognized

   '~' gap characters were not recognized in MSF format

   amended README re sequence/profile alignment

   disallowed empty sequences

   doxygen documentation fixes and fix of API example

2011-06-23 Release 1.0.2

2011-06-17 Release 1.0.0 (DeshilHollesEamus)

2010-06-17 Release 0.0.1 (Dubliniensis)
		First "release" as program has been able for a while to perform
		all basic tasks without problems.

		Non-standard features already built-in include:
		HMM-iteration (using HMMER for building an HMM) and guide-tree
		iteration. On top of that HMM input works fine and
		background-frequencies are added to the HHalign process.
		Known issues: RNA/DNA alignment is considered buggy. Aligned
		sequences have to be dealigned for HHalign to work properly.
		The HMMER version message can be ignored if no HMM-iteration
		was used.
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