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   This directory contains code, help, examples and demo for cluster validation
   alghorithms working as an extention for package "cluster" 

   This is the first verions of package "clv". Package is believed to be tested.
   Any problems, bugs, comments, documentation misunderstandings etc. please send 
   on the following email address: <wookashn at>.


   Create and document R functions for comptuing cluster stability for clustering  
   alghoritms impelemted in cluster package.

   Create and document R functions for group of matrix cluster scatter measures based 
   indicies such as: Calinski-Harabasz index, Krzanowski & Lai index, Hartigan statistic.

   Create and document R functions that helps to realise relative criteria approach for 
   cluster validation.


   Artur Suchwalko for idea of this package and support.
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