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collectd - Statistics collection daemon for filling RRD files…  more info»


The files in this directory may be used to perform common tasks that aren't
exactly `collectd's job. They may or may not require in-depth knowledge of RRD
files and/or `collectd's inner workings. Use at your own risk.
  Before version 3.9.0 collectd used to create a different set of RRAs. The
most detailed of these old RRAs had a one minute resolution. This script can
be used to add three more RRAs: minimum, maximum and average with a ten second
resolution and 2200 rows (~6 hours). This will make hourly statistics much more
interesting. Please note that no sanity- checking whatsoever is performed. You
can seriously fuck up your RRD files if you don't know what you're doing.
  This script by Vincent Stehl´┐Ż will search for RRD files in
`/var/lib/collectd/' and generate an HTML file and a directory containing
several PNG files which are graphs of the RRD files found.

  Sample CGI script that creates graphs on the fly. The Perl modules `RRDs'
(Debian package `librrds-perl'), `URI:Escape' (package liburi-perl),
`HTML::Entities' (package libhtml-parser-perl) and a CGI capable web server
(e.g. apache2 or boa) are needed. Simply install the script to a place where
the webserver will treat it as a CGI script (/usr/lib/cgi-bin/ by default) and
visit that page in a browser (http://localhost/cgi-bin/collection.cgi by
default). Please refer to your webserver's documentation for more details.

  Starting with version 4, collection.cgi requires a small config file, which
should look something like this:

  datadir: "/var/lib/collectd/rrd/"
  libdir: "/usr/lib/collectd/"

  Script to be used with the exec-plugin (see collectd-exec(5) for details)
which executes munin plugins, parses the output and translates it to a format
the exec-plugin understands. The features are limited - changing the munin
plugins to use the output format understood by the exec-plugin is recommended.
See the embedded POD documentation for more details:
 $ perldoc contrib/exec-munin.px

  Sample script for the exec plugin. Please refer to the documentation in the
file - you will have to adapt it to your needs anyway.

  Creates a new RRD-file with only one data-source (DS) of the source-RRD-
file. That is very handy when you realise that you have bundled up DSes in one
RRD-file that should have been in multiple RRD-files instead. Is is used by
`migrate-3-4.px' to split up the cpu-, nfs-, swap-files and possibly others.

  Init-script and Spec-file that can be used when creating RPM-packages for

  Migration-script to ease the switch from version 3 to version 4. Many
RRD-files are expected in a different place, some have been changed (DSes have
been renamed) and others have bee split up into multiple files. This script
prints a bash-script to STDOUT which should do most of the work for you. You
may still need to do some things by hand, read `README.migration' for more

  Spec-file and affiliated files to build an RedHat RPM package of collectd.

  Sample configuration for the SNMP plugin. This config includes a few standard
<Data ..> definitions that you can include in your own config using the
`Include' statement (available since version 4.2.0). The config includes some
data that is defined in the IF-MIB, e. g. octet or packet counters, UPS-MIB and
whatever people have send in. If you have some more definitions please send
them in, so others can profit from it.
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