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Thanks to Caros Vidal for the suggestion of hiding names rather than
using namespace, and for things related to other changes made between
0.1.1 and 0.2.0.

Thanks to John Conners for a lot of stuff to fix in the win32 tree.

Thanks to Albert Hui for some notes on Solaris and changes for file.

Thanks to Yurii Rashkovskii and the iCommunity Team for convincing me to
add streams to TCP support and getting me to start the APE 2.0 project.

Thanks to Olaf Hartig for TryWait and TryEnterMutex member functions.

Thanks to Llya Kliot for the 1.2.x fixes for the win32 tree prior to
the merger with the Common C++ project.

Thanks to Sean Cavanaugh for AtomicCounter class.

Thanks to Gianni Marianni for tcpservice chat server demo application,
and for the poll patch.

Thanks to Michael Furmanczyk for an alternate win32 mutex implimentation
that is actually portable to all win32 "systems".

Thanks to Henner Zeller for much of the work on the 1.2 release and beyond.

Thanks to Rupert Curwen for Borland compile patches and some ansi fixes.
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