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commoncpp2 - GNU Common C++ class framework…  more info»


* Merge 1.0.x and 1.1 beta together

* Add debug stuff like threadnames, mutexnames, etc, which can be used
  when auditing for deadlocks.

* Use "itimer" instead of alarm when available for higher resolution
  timing in setTimer/getTimer.

* Determine more pthread targets which may allow SIGALRM to be used
  beyond Linux for multiple timer instances.

* Optional support for Posix timers rather than alarm or setitimer
  for getTimer/setTimer when available on target platform.

* Introduce "stream" support for Pipe.

* Manual and overview documentation.

* GNU PTH specific source tree.

* redo exception handling

* why Solaris use select instead of poll for TCPService ???

* cleanup and config.h (two configure for public and private?)


* merge Thread implementation (main cancellation)

* serial support (Serial, TTYStream, ttystream, TTYSession, SerialPort,

* CommandOption and related class

* fifostream, FIFOSession classes (use NamedPipe ??) or document 
  not win32 support

* completion mode in RandomFile

* Conditional class


* Detached behaviour
  - detached thread release all resources on termination
  - you can't wait termination of detached

* Do not restart if already started

* Test if Thread::isRunning say the truth (check all combination
  started suspended detached ended)

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