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README file in ${CORE_DIR}/tmp

This tmp directory stores the files containing diagnostics 
	outputs from the compilation and testing of CORE
	(i.e., "make first", "make second", etc).

Many of our programs are self-validating: 
	if its computation or output is CORRECT,
	it will print "CORRECT"; if incorrect, it could prints
	either "INCORRECT" or "ERROR".  We print "INCORRECT" if
	this wrong answer is expected (e.g., we run a program
	at Level 1 accuracy).  But "ERROR" is more serious.

To check for errors: grep these diagnostic files 
	-- grep "ERROR" to see if CORE has any errors;
	-- grep "error" or "Error" to see if there are compiler errors;
	-- grep "cannot" to see if there are missing files. 

Also, Core may create and write messages in 
	the file "Core_Diagnostics" in the individual directories
	where the program is run.
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