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AUTHPASSWD(1)                                          AUTHPASSWD(1)

       authpasswd - Generate login passwords

       authpasswd [ method ]

       authpasswd is a helper utility that generated encrypted pass‐
       words for the Courier authentication  library.   The  Courier
       authentication  library is capable of using several different
       encryption methods for storing passwords.  authpasswd  issues
       a  password prompt.  Enter the same password twice (for veri‐
       fication  purposes).   authpasswd  computes  and  prints  the
       encrypted  password.   The encrypted password can be inserted
       verbatim into the appropriate account record that's processed
       by  the  authentication  library's  authmysql,  authpgsql, or
       authldap module.

       method may be set to one of the following literals:

       crypt  Use the traditional DES-based encrypted password.

       md5    Compute an MD5 password hash.

       sha1   Compute a SHA1 password hash.

       sha256 Compute a SHA256 password hash.

       If not specified, method defaults to the  modified-MD5  pass‐
       word  encryption  algorithm  that's  used in Linux (note that
       this is different from the ``md5'' password hash method).

Double Precision, Inc.      15 July 2005               AUTHPASSWD(1)
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