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Q: What are the conditions to do binary distribution?

A: If you just compile the DDK drivers as-is, you can
   redistribute the binaries just like any other GNU GPL'd
   software - just provide the option to get the source code if
   you don't bundle it with your distribution.

   If you want to create a new driver based upon the DDK driver
   or API, you will need to get an OEM license from Apple Inc.
   Please contact Apple for details.

Q: I want to distribute the DDK drivers with my Linux
   distribution, what do I need to do?

A: You can distribute the DDK drivers just like any other GPL'd
   software - the example RPM spec and EPM list files can be
   used as a packaging template.

Q: Are the PPD files produced by the PPD compiler automatically

A: No.  Just as with the GCC software, the output from the PPD
   compiler is not automaticaly GPL'd.  You can provide the
   generated PPD files under any terms you like (including, of
   course, the GPL) via the Copyright directive in your driver
   information file. 
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