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ppdc(1)                      Apple Inc.                      ppdc(1)

       ppdc - cups ppd compiler

       ppdc [ -D name=value ] [ -I include-directory ] [ -c message-
       catalog ] [ -d output-directory ] [ -l language(s) ] [ -v ] [
       -z ] [ --cr ] [ --crlf ] [ --lf ] source-file

       ppdc compiles PPDC source files into one or more PPD files.

       The  -D  option sets the named variable for use in the source
       file. It is equivalent to using the #define directive in  the
       source file.

       The  -I option specifies an alternate include directory; mul‐
       tiple -I options can be supplied to add  additional  directo‐

       The  -c option specifies a single message catalog file in GNU
       gettext source format (filename.po) to be used for  localiza‐

       The  -d  option specifies the output directory for PPD files.
       The default output directory is "ppd".

       The -l option specifies one or more  languages  to  use  when
       localizing  the  PPD  file(s).  The  default language is "en"
       (English). Separate multiple languages with commas, for exam‐
       ple   "de_DE,en_UK,es_ES,es_MX,es_US,fr_CA,fr_FR,it_IT"  will
       create PPD files with German,  UK  English,  Spanish  (Spain,
       Mexico, and US), French (France and Canada), and Italian lan‐
       guages in each file.

       The -v option provides more verbose output, basically a  run‐
       ning status of which files are being loaded or written.

       The   -z   option   generates  compressed  PPD  files  (file‐
       name.ppd.gz).  The default is to  generate  uncompressed  PPD

       The --cr, --crlf, and --lf options specify the line ending to
       use - carriage return, carriage return and line feed, or line
       feed. The default is to use the line feed character alone.

       cupsprofile(1),  ppdhtml(1),  ppdi(1), ppdmerge(1), ppdpo(1),
       ppdcfile(5), CUPS Driver Developer Kit Manual

       Copyright 2007 by Apple Inc.

14 February 2007     CUPS Driver Development Kit             ppdc(1)
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