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cutechess for Debian

1. Why including lib, commandline client and gui in one package
2. Why not using experimental
3. Version Numbering


1. Why including lib, commandline client and gui in one package

There are several reasons:
	- The upstream sources are under heavy development and changes to the lib likely
	- Upgrading is a pain, if no so-names are managed upstream
	- No other software is using the lib

There will be a RC-bug filed against this package as long as this situation remains. This bug 
will prevent cutechess to go into testing. 


2. Why not using experimental

The commandline client is quite stable and the gui in general useable. Nothing will 
break any system. So unstable/sid is the best place to distribute the software to 
the users.


3. Version Numbering

The sources of cutechess comes from a git repository. There is no versioning 
in the git packages. But the GUI and the client have a version number.

$ find . -name "*.pro" | xargs cat| grep -v DEFINES | grep -i version

For now I will follow this versioning scheme:


This is for the first release:


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