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cutechess - commandline and graphical interface for chess engine vs. engine matches…  more info»


- Add more stuff to the Chess namespace (Game, Player, etc.)
  chess.h should probably be in lib/src, not lib/src/chessboard

- Complete Xboard and UCI support (including the analysis feature)

- More unit tests for the Chess library

- Better error handling in OpeningBook

- Better error handling in PgnGame

- FICS support

- Tournaments

- Add a bunch of bugs to Sloppy, and test it with the gui

- Create an engine-testing tool for the gui, which finds out and summarizes
  the engine's features, and runs tests:
  - illegal moves
  - invalid FEN strings
  - very long strings
  - invalid time controls (eg. negative time left)
  - negative minimum search depth
  - test the ping time

- Use ECO codes to determine the opening name for PGN games

- EPD tests for engines

- Design a file format for tournaments

- Provide code examples in documentation

- Verify Qt version requirement before release

- Use PgnStream for HTTP downloading

- Apply for the Qt Ambassador program (application showcase) after first
  public release:

- Use model testing tools to check validity of all model classes
  during runtime (

User Interface

- (Mac) dropping FEN on Cute Chess' icon in Dock

- (Mac) provide Dock menu

- (Mac) provide global menubar

- Per window dialogs should use QDialog::open() instead of exec()

- Moving a piece by selecting (clicking with a mouse) a source and a
  destination squares

- Highlight attacked pieces

- Application icon that looks good on Win, Mac, GTK. Examples: Firefox, Arora.
  Should have (at least) sizes of 512x512, 128x128, 32x32, 16x16

- Analyzing feature. Probably should be placed in its own dock window with a
  selectable list of engines.

- All game information should be editable in Game|Properties.
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