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2001-12-31  arthur

	* ChangeLog, NEWS, TODO,, debian/changelog,
	debian/control: release 0.9.4
	*, cvsd.c, cvsd.conf-dist,,
	debian/config, debian/postinst, debian/templates: added support for
	setting resource limits on command execution

2001-12-24  arthur

	* debian/: config, postinst, postrm: added 'set -e' to scripts and
	added 'exit 0' where needed
	* cvsd.c: copy-parste error, CvsCommand should not have 'none'

2001-12-23  arthur

	* cvsd.c: logging of cvs command to execute changed
	*, default configfile location is now
	passed through config.h so propper recompilation will take place
	* added sleep between stop and start in restart
	* TODO,, cvsd.c, cvsd.conf-dist, added
	CvsCommand cofig option

2001-12-20  arthur

	* NEWS, TODO,, debian/changelog, ChangeLog:
        release 0.9.3
	* cvsd.c: added handling of more (almost all common) signals
	* cvsd.c: removed setsock() options
	* cvsd.c: logging of command only in DEBUG mode, more readable
	* cvsd.c: moved connection counting to where a connection is really
	* cvsd.c: be more easy on accept() failure to fix fast closing
	connections (scans?)

2001-12-15  arthur

	*,, cvsd.c, getopt_long.c, getopt_long.h:
	including local definition of getopt_long() if system does not
	provide it
	* cvsd.c: fixed include files, added 1999 to copyrights notice and
	added missing newline

2001-12-14  arthur

	* ChangeLog, NEWS, TODO,, debian/changelog: release
	* fixed copy-paste error in name
	* debian/config: modified reading of old configfile
	* debian/postinst: added PidFile to configfile (oops forgot)
	* debian/config: read old configuration file
	* debian/: config, postinst, rules, templates: configuration is now
	fully done by debconf

2001-12-09  arthur

	* cvsd.c: structures returned by getpwnam() and getgrnam() should
	not be free()d (documentation was not clear here)
	* removed reload option
	*, cvsd.c, cvsd.conf-dist: added option to specify
	'none' for RootJail so cvsd will run without chroot

2001-12-08  arthur

	* cvsd.c: made lclint (lclint -skipposixheaders -warnposix
	+trytorecover -unrecog cvsd.c) a little happier by making things
	static, making more explicit casts, also made malloc() wrapper
	* cvsd.c: abort if there are no Repos statements in configfile
	* added note about home directory
	*, cvsd.c, cvsd.conf-dist, added nice
	value to daemon
	* TODO, cvsd.c: added logging of caught signals and added logging
	of signal names

2001-12-07  arthur

	* config.sub,, config.guess: changed configure script
	to do more testing and new versions of config.guess and config.sub
	* cvsd.c: removed trailing spaces, changed building of cvs command
	line, moved parameter checking to read_configfile(), small changes
	to make some warnings go away
	* added even more warnings to gcc
	* cvsd.c: made local functions (all except main) static, changed
	global vars names to avoid clashes, fixed usage of global vars in
	functions and added full commandline logging as default
	* added compiler warning flags
	cvsd-passwd,, cvsd.c, cvsd.conf-dist,, debian/control, debian/rules, debian/templates:
	spelling checked all of it
	* debian/docs: ChangeLog and NEWS in debian doc directory

2001-11-18  arthur

	* ChangeLog, NEWS, TODO,, debian/changelog, ChangeLog,
	ChangeLog: release 0.9.1
	* add support for modified system cvsd user and
	* debian/: config, postinst, templates: added debian configuration
	of MaxConnections
	*, debian/postrm: added removal of cvsd user and group
	to debian package
	* debian/postinst: changed to only modify user information when
	change is needed and fixed replacement of RootJail option in
	configuration file, also added db_stop
	* cvsd.c: not closing fd's 0,1 and 2 due to problems with syslog
	opening logging through fd 0
	* README: documentation upgrade
	*, cvsd.c, cvsd.conf-dist, added
	support for sybolic uids and gids and cleaned reading configuration
	file a bit
	* cvsd.c, cvsd.conf-dist,, cvsd now
	daemonizes itself and writes it's process id to a configurable
	* added note about use of cvsd-passwd
	*, README,, cvsd-passwd,,
	debian/control, added cvsd-passwd script to add and
	change passwords for cvs pserver
	* added automatic generation of ChangeLog

2001-11-17  arthur

	*,,, *
	added release month to configure for manual pages
	modified file headers
	* cvsd.c: * small logging change * close unneeded socket
	* cvsd.c: * added logging of out of connections
	* cvsd.c: * impoved cvs execution logging

2001-11-04  arthur

	* cvsd.c: * exited normally -> exited abnormally
	* README: * checked spelling * relayouting (line breaks) * added
	small section on using strace
	* * small improvement to logging

2001-11-03  arthur

	* README: * added warning about writers file
	* README: * added extra explanation of adding libraries
	* * added more logging of what is done
	* * fixed bug in chroot password creation
	* * added possibility for installing more
	libraries * added installing of and
	* cvsd.c: * improved logging of dieing children
	* cvsd.c: * added -t flag to cvs in debug mode
	* * bug in reload target
	* config.guess, config.sub: new version of autotools
	* debian/postinst: daemon is started after rootjail etc is created
	* cvsd.conf-dist: completely new configuration file
	* added init script
	* TODO: most old ones done, a lot of new ones
	* cvsd.c: * removed MapRepos configuration item (task should not be
	part of cvsd operation) * removed -t flag to cvs (should probably
	be specified if debugging is turned on
	* made buildroot script
	*,, made manual pages
	* debian/: .cvsignore, config, control, copyright, postinst, rules,
	templates: added debian configuration
	*, major rewrites
	* config.guess, config.sub: new version of autotools
	* README: completely rewritten

2001-11-02  arthur

	* cvsd.1: delteted, wrong section anyway
	* cvsd.c: first reasonable version

2001-10-05  arthur

	* .cvsignore, AUTHORS, Makefile,, NEWS, README, TODO,, buildroot, config.guess, config.sub,,
	correct-permissions-dist, cvsd.1, cvsd.c, cvsd.conf-dist,
	example-passwd-dist, example-readers-dist, install-sh,
	makepasswd-dist, missing, mkinstalldirs, passwd-dist,
	debian/.cvsignore, debian/changelog, debian/control, debian/docs,
	debian/rules: intial step to use of configure and debian

2001-06-17  arthur

	* cvsd.h: moved stuff in cvsd.h to cvsd.c and configure script
	* CHANGES, ChangeLog: renamed CHANGES to ChangeLog
	* manual.html, webpage.html: changed documentation
	* INSTALL: new generic INSTALL
	* COPYING: new standard GPL (slight layout changes)

2001-02-16  arthur

	* Makefile: CVSD_ROOT is not used in cvsd.c
	* Makefile: * updated install a little * fixed quote bug in defines
	* Makefile: oops a few typos in vars
	* Makefile: added install-inetd to add the right lines to
	* Makefile: changed adding of users and groups to be more flexible
	* Makefile: removed example repository from default install
	* Makefile: default values are passed when compiling
	* Makefile: removed cvsadmin from Makefile
	* Makefile: remove ls from Makefile
	* Makefile: renamed a few Makefile vars
	* Makefile: removed suid bit and moved chroot contruction to
	* Makefile: modified configfile and installdir stuff
	* Makefile: a little Makefile cleanup (mostly comments)
	* cvsd.c: moved setuid() and setgid() to as far above as possible
	* cvsd.h: default configfile an uids are now passed at compiletime
	* cvsd.c, cvsd.h: CONFIG_FILE renamed to CVSD_CONFIGFILE
	* buildroot: added script to build chroot directory structure
	correct-permissions-dist, cvsd.c, cvsd.conf-dist, cvsd.h,
	example-passwd-dist, example-readers-dist, makepasswd-dist,
	manual.html, passwd-dist, webpage.html: Initial revision
	correct-permissions-dist, cvsd.c, cvsd.conf-dist, cvsd.h,
	example-passwd-dist, example-readers-dist, makepasswd-dist,
	manual.html, passwd-dist, webpage.html: import of version 0.8b3
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