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cvsgraph - Create a tree of revisions/branches from a CVS/RCS file…  more info»


2008-05-21 23:20  bertho

	*,, Fix rpm build issues

2008-05-21 23:02  bertho

	* ChangeLog: Prepare release 1.7.0

2008-05-21 22:47  bertho

	* contrib/: cvsgraphwrapper.php3, mkimage.php3: Remove replaced

2008-05-21 21:52  bertho

	*,, rcsl.l: Fix minor cleanup and build

2008-05-21 15:36  bertho

	* cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.spec: Remove unused files
	  after automake

2008-05-21 15:33  bertho

	* .cvsignore, AUTHORS, COPYING, ChangeLog, INSTALL,,, NEWS, README, aclocal.m4,, configure,, cvsgraph.1,, cvsgraph.c,
	  cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5,,
	  cvsgraph.spec,, depcomp, install-sh, missing,
	  rcs.h, rcsl.l, readconf.c, ylwrap, contrib/.cvsignore,
	  contrib/, contrib/,
	  contrib/cvsgraph-httpd.conf, contrib/,
	  contrib/ Merge automake into head

2008-05-21 13:51  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf,,
	  cvsgraph.h, rcsl.l, readconf.c: Merge change from head

2008-05-21 13:31  bertho

	*,, aclocal.m4,, configure,, cvsgraph.c,, rcsl.l, ylwrap,
	  contrib/ - Update to automake 1.10 - Add libjpeg
	  check - Fix define names for libgd in code

2008-05-21 03:41  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h,
	  cvsgraph.spec, readconf.c: - Do a better job at drawing the merge
	  lines by selecting the shortest path	 from the revision boxes.
	  An analysis is now done whether the source and   destinations
	  should be on the left or right side.	- Fix the left_right case
	  for merge lines to display correctly.  - Fix a +/-1 error on the
	  merge lines to account for both rounding errors and	the shadow
	  of the revision boxes.  - Add configuration option 'merge_on_tag'
	  to force the left_right case to   display merge lines on the tags
	  instead of on the top/bottom sides. This   also solves imagemap
	  overlaps where multiple sources or destinations would   be
	  displayed at the same position.  - Fix the imagemap function to
	  record the correct position of the merges.

2006-11-18 22:53  bertho

	* rcsl.l: Prevent isprint() char index

2006-11-13 22:28  bertho

	*, Fix make dist-xxx

2006-11-13 22:12  bertho

	* README,, Automate version in
	  man-pages and update README

2006-11-13 22:05  bertho

	* cvsgraph.conf, Streamline the config with
	  patches from Fedora rpm distribution

2006-11-13 22:04  bertho

	* contrib/cvsgraph-httpd.conf: Add httpd config from Fedora project

2006-11-13 21:50  bertho

	* .cvsignore, contrib/.cvsignore: Fix more dependencies

2006-11-13 21:49  bertho

	* .cvsignore, AUTHORS, contrib/, contrib/mkimage.php3:
	  Fix dependencies

2006-11-13 21:43  bertho

	*, aclocal.m4, contrib/ Add more dependent

2006-11-13 21:42  bertho

	  configure,, cvsgraph.1,, cvsgraph.c,
	  cvsgraph.conf.5,, cvsgraph.spec,, depcomp, install-sh, missing, rcs.h, rcsl.l,
	  readconf.c, contrib/, contrib/,
	  contrib/cvsgraphwrapper.php3, contrib/ Changes to
	  use automake

2006-07-30 23:06  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.spec:
	  Fix merge lines in imagemaps after fixing the merge lines

2006-07-08 15:57  bertho

	* ChangeLog: Release 1.6.1

2006-07-08 15:56  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.spec:
	  Prepare release 1.6.1

2006-07-08 15:51  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Do a better job drawing merge lines between branches
	  that originate from the same parent branch by originating the
	  lines to the right/bottom.

2006-06-01 00:05  bertho

	* cvsgraph.conf.5: - fix manpage linebreak - fix description of gif
	  availability in gd

2006-04-16 00:07  bertho

	* cvsgraph.conf.5: - Fix small man type

2005-12-18 03:01  bertho

	* ChangeLog: Release 1.6.0

2005-12-18 02:57  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5,
	  cvsgraph.h, cvsgraph.spec, rcs.h, readconf.c, readconf.h: - Added
	  dynamic colors and strings for more flexibility in visual
	  representations of the tree.	- Added keyword rev_idtext to
	  define the revision ID in a revision	 box. Normally this would
	  show the revision number, but can now be   changed dynamically.
	  - Fix dashed lines when stripped revisions have mergepoints

2005-12-15 14:06  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.h, rcs.h, readconf.c,
	  readconf.h: Implemented multiple regex match for triplets
	  merge_{from,to,color} so that merges can be detected with more
	  disjoined tag definitions.

2005-10-03 22:44  bertho

	* README: Update history

2005-10-03 22:40  bertho

	* cvsgraph.conf.5, rcsl.l: - Fix missing branch_bgcolor in manpage
	  - Fix author names with spaces but not in @ encapsulation

2005-09-09 00:14  bertho

	* cvsgraph.conf.5: From Mark Brown <>: The
	  enclosed typo fix was filed with the Debian bug tracking system -
	  seems straightfoward and valid.

2005-08-29 20:29  bertho

	* README: - Fix incomplete parsing of access keyword

2005-08-29 20:27  bertho

	* rcsy.y: - Fix incomplete access parsing; set scanning of IDs
	  after first instance.

2005-08-21 18:38  bertho

	* README: Bleed them for any violation

2005-08-21 18:36  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.conf.5: Changed the acceptable mail
	  policy. No more unpunished disclamers.

2005-08-21 09:55  bertho

	* rcsl.l, README: Fix all numeric author ID

2005-06-23 00:51  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c, readconf.c: - Fix fixed background color - Fix width
	  adaption of image width if error strings are displayed

2005-06-22 21:43  bertho

	* cvsgraph.1: Denote simple config negating options as deprecated.
	  Using the -O option is much more flexible.

2005-06-22 21:41  bertho

	* cvsgraph.conf: Fix typo in comment.

2005-06-22 21:41  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Cvsnt merges should be enabled by default as
	  mentioned in the manual page.

2005-06-21 02:02  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c, rcsl.l, readconf.c, readconf.h, utils.c: Change color
	  management to reduce used colors. This will help future color
	  extensions with color changes based on context/content. The
	  default setup uses 10 colors now instead of 14.

2005-06-14 22:41  bertho

	* ChangeLog: Release 1.5.2

2005-06-14 22:40  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.spec: -
	  Fix merge lines to untagged revisions when strip_untagged is
	  active - Prepare release 1.5.2

2005-06-13 22:57  bertho

	* README, rcsy.y: - Fix mergepoint1 syntax used by CVSNT allowing
	  revision numbers as argument

2005-06-13 21:57  bertho

	* README, rcsl.l, rcsy.y: - Work around CVSNT problem with wrong
	  keyword ordering - Fix complaining about a new CVSNT keyword

2004-12-04 03:18  bertho

	* README, configure, Fix the configure script to
	  detect gd-2:	 The mystery is solved, I think. The problem seems
	  to be a bug in the GIF   support of gd-2.0.33. I didn't look into
	  it further because CvsGraph was   configured to output PNGs and
	  shouldn't have been outputting GIFs in the   first place. The
	  reason it was outputting GIFs was a bug in CvsGraph's   configure
	  script which causes CvsGraph to be built without PNG support.

2004-10-23 22:13  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.c, rcs.h: Fix total branch-count when branches
	  are folded.

2004-10-23 21:23  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Make timezone mangling with environment POSIX
	  compliant. Should make Solaris happy again.

2004-10-23 03:09  bertho

	* ChangeLog: Now it is time for 1.5.1

2004-10-23 03:08  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Do not strip mergepoint linked revisions.

2004-10-23 02:25  bertho

	* ChangeLog, README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.spec,
	  Minor docu updates and release 1.5.1

2004-10-21 23:40  bertho

	* rcsl.l, rcsy.y: - Remove warning on known extended phrases - Add
	  known CVSNT extended phrases to be ignored

2004-10-21 23:22  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Fix a potential zero length string allocation.

2004-10-21 22:08  bertho

	* README,, configure,, cvsgraph.c,
	  cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h, readconf.c: Implement
	  selection of png compression level with image_compress and enable
	  interlacing (progressive load) for both png and jpeg images with

2004-10-21 00:03  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h,
	  rcs.h, rcsl.l, rcsy.y, readconf.c: Added patch from Gordon
	  Hollingworth <> to use mergepoints as
	  implemented by CVSNT. Adapted the patch to enable both
	  tag-detected merges and mergepoints to be shows at the same time.

2004-10-20 21:31  bertho

	* README, rcsy.y: Fix a bug in the detection of branch-numbers in
	  the logical ,v file structure (reported by Daniel Dumitrache
	  <>). The branch was deduced from the
	  revision, but that would fail for revision numbers that are like
	  magic branch-numbers (x.x.0.x) because they were interpreted.
	  These revision numbers are now correctly handled by treating them
	  as revision numbers and deducing the branch by eliminating the
	  trailing .x.

2004-09-23 22:29  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.c: Change the timezone stuff to fix localtime
	  calculation as suggested by Henrik Carlqvist

2004-09-23 21:45  bertho

	* cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5,
	  contrib/cvsgraphwrapper.php3: Apply the patches by Ville Skyttä
	  (with many thanks) - spelling fixes - config fix for & -> & -
	  wrapper example generics fixes

2004-08-29 14:58  bertho

	* cvsgraph.spec: Fix specfile for new location of files

2004-08-29 14:48  bertho

	* cvsgraphwrapper.php3, mkimage.php3, contrib/cvsgraphwrapper.php3,
	  contrib/mkimage.php3: Move old wrappers to contrib

2004-08-29 14:43  bertho

	* contrib/automatic_documentation/: README.Automatic_documentation,
	  checkoutlist,, commitinfo, cvswrappers,, taginfo: Add contributed material is a separate

2004-08-29 14:20  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h,
	  readconf.c: - Add resorting of branches on how many revisions
	  they have. This saves space under circumstances.

2004-08-29 14:07  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h,
	  readconf.c: - Add patch from Henrik Carlqvist
	  <>   * add option rev_hidenumber for
	  disabling revision number display.	  * add option
	  tag_ignore_merge for disabling merge_from/merge_to display
	  if matched with tag_ignore.  - Add option merge_findall so
	  that merge_from/merge_to tags can have multiple   matches.  - Fix
	  some whitespace to tab.

2004-08-16 10:39  bertho

	*, configure,, cvsgraph.c: Add a configure
	  check for sys/wait.h so that Windows/MingW should compile without
	  editing cvsgraph.c.

2004-08-15 19:28  bertho

	* ChangeLog, README: Release 1.5.0

2004-08-15 18:58  bertho

	* README,, configure,, cvsgraph.1,
	  cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h,
	  cvsgraph.spec, rcs.h, readconf.c: - Added drawing of partial
	  trees. You now can select a subtree based on a   revision number,
	  branch number or symbolic tag to show only that part of the
	  tree. New config option branch_subtree selects which part is
	  shown. If the   subtree is empty, then the whole tree is shown.

	  - Most error and warning messages are now displayed in the graph,
	  instead of   being written to stderr. This enables you to see an
	  image eventhough errors   might be present. The old method would
	  generate a corrupt image.    New configuration options include
	  msg_color and msg_font to control the looks	 of it. Messages
	  are always printed at the bottom of the image.

	  - Fixed a bug in the folding code where subtrees would not fold

	  - Added diff links in the map-generation for detected merges so
	  that you can	 get the differences in merge-operations. The
	  options map_merge_href and   map_merge_alt must be set

2004-08-14 16:56  bertho

	* README: - Add comments on latest changes on tag_ignore - Mention
	  that there are at least 3 viewers with support for CvsGraph

2004-08-05 11:48  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c, rcsy.y: Make sure that the HEAD tag doesn't get
	  zapped by tag_ignore/tag_negate

2004-08-05 11:35  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h,
	  readconf.c: Add tag_negate option so to include matching tags
	  instead of ignoring them

2004-08-05 11:23  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.spec:
	  Up the version number now so I don't forget it like last time...

2004-08-04 10:48  bertho

	* cvsgraph.conf.5: Fix typo in docu

2004-08-03 10:50  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h, rcs.h,
	  readconf.c: Implement tag-ignoring on basis of a regular

2004-07-26 10:56  bertho

	* cvsgraph.spec: Commit the version fix (sigh).

2004-07-19 14:40  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Fix the version number

2004-07-16 15:56  bertho

	* cvsgraph.spec: - Prepare for release 1.4.1

2004-07-16 15:50  bertho

	* ChangeLog: Release 1.4.1

2004-07-16 15:49  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.conf.5: - Prepare for release 1.4.1

2004-07-16 15:24  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Fix a longstanding date-bug in showing local time.
	  Now timezone is accounted for.

2004-07-16 15:07  bertho

	* rcsy.y: Fix the CVSNT habbit of adding info to the tag in
	  symbols.  The trailing data is skipped for now. We might use it
	  later on (it contains a date and comments) on tags.

2004-07-16 13:56  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: - Fix XHTML <br> to be <br /> - Add HTML-izing '&' to
	  & and '"' to "

2004-07-15 17:40  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Fix execution flags of regexec(). Spottet by and many
	  thanks to Morten Sylvest Olsen

2004-07-15 17:12  bertho

	* rcs.h, rcsl.l, rcsy.y: Fix the author recognition for CVSNT with
	  broken rcsfile(5) format.  This might not be a total remedy, but
	  should fix some.

2004-07-15 11:42  bertho

	*, configure,, readconf.c: Fix the
	  sizeof(void *) vs sizeof(int) problem. Now look for int, long and
	  long long in configure.

2004-02-22 14:00  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h,
	  readconf.c: - Add the arrow patch from Haroon Rafique
	  <> - Adapt the arrow patch to be more

2003-10-17 11:10  bertho

	* cvsgraph.1: Fix manual page typo. Thanks to Mark Brown

2003-03-20 18:32  bertho

	* cvsgraph.spec: * Wed Mar 19 2003 Jason Corley
	  <> - Documentation and other aesthetic
	  related fixes

2003-03-17 11:40  bertho

	* ChangeLog, cvsgraph.spec: Release 1.4.0

2003-03-17 02:33  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.spec: -
	  Fix off by one error in html-izing string expansions - Fix wrong
	  font in branch-box - Fix imagemaps to contain references to each
	  branch in   folded branchboxes.  - Prepare for release 1.4.0

2003-03-14 15:24  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h,
	  readconf.c: - Implement folding for all branches on the same
	  branchpoint if empty. New   option branch_foldall controls this
	  behavior. See cvsgraph.conf(5) for   details.

2003-03-14 02:38  bertho

	*, README, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5,
	  cvsgraph.h, rcs.h, readconf.c: - Fixed a bug in the initial
	  placing of left to right displaying.	- Half-fixed a bug in the
	  kerning code, where a loop-safeguard was triggered   way too soon
	  (at 100 iterations). This has now been changed to 10000, but
	  should be dependent on the number of drawable branches, as the
	  function is	_at least_ order O(N^2). However, more analysis is
	  required to ensure   safe guarding under all circumstances.  -
	  Implemented folding of empty branches. Many uses of CVS create
	  many	 branches on the same revision but have no commits on them.
	  This occurs	often with stable files like .cvsignore files and
	  the like. A new   configuration option branch_fold enables
	  imaging consequtive brances	with no commits in the same
	  branch-box. This reduces images by a huge   factor (28000x1700 ->
	  2100x2300, i.e. a factor of 10). It also speeds up   drawing
	  considerably. The branch_fold option is *on* by default.  - Fix
	  duplicate branch-boxes (branch_dupbox=true). No duplicates should
	  be   created if there are no commits on a specific branch. There
	  is no reason	 for having two boxes on top of each other.

2003-03-10 23:57  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.c, rcs.h, rcsl.l: [no log message]

2003-03-09 23:36  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5,
	  cvsgraph.h, rcs.h, readconf.c: - add merge visualization -
	  Provide solution for possible XSS bug in tag expansions

2003-02-25 12:03  bertho

	* cvsgraph.spec: - Specfile donated by Jason Corley for RPM package

2003-02-11 11:43  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h,
	  readconf.c: - Implement different HTML levels for imagemaps.	-
	  Add new commandline option for HTML level - Update docs

2003-02-11 10:52  bertho

	* readconf.c: Fix warning on Solaris and Irix on char subscripts.

2002-07-20 22:57  bertho

	* ChangeLog: Release 1.3.0

2002-07-20 22:41  bertho

	* README, configure,, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf,
	  cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h, readconf.c: Add rev_maxtags config
	  to limit number of tags per revison box Hopefully fix (finally?)

2002-07-20 02:48  bertho

	* README, configure,, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c,
	  cvsgraph.conf.5: Hopefully fixed configure problems Prepared new
	  release 1.3.0

2002-07-19 01:08  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf: Finished implementing left_right

2002-07-18 17:26  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h, readconf.c: First
	  changes for left_right drawing of the tree.  Still missing proper
	  branch_dupbox, upside_down and imagemap support.

2002-07-18 14:07  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Fix possible exploitable buffer overflow in string

2002-07-16 11:30  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Fix a coredump on SGI in bsearch and remove c++
	  comments.  Thanks to Sjoerd Mullender.

2002-06-19 16:47  bertho

	* configure, - Fix order of libraries - Add
	  auto-addition of libs when gifs are missing

2002-04-24 01:02  bertho

	*, README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf,
	  cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h, rcsy.y, readconf.c: - Fix browserbug
	  ordering y-coordinates - Speed up parsing by bypassing deltatext
	  parse - Add logentry expansion

2002-02-18 14:23  bertho

	* ChangeLog, README: Update for release 1.2.0

2002-02-18 02:31  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: - Remove debug stuff before release - Fix
	  strip_first_rev so that it works the right way around

2002-02-15 00:18  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5,
	  cvsgraph.h, readconf.c: [no log message]

2002-01-09 01:28  bertho

	* README,, configure,, cvsgraph.1,
	  cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h, rcs.h,
	  readconf.c: - Added a new version of auto_stretch. It seems to
	  work better	bit it still needs improvement (a lot) - Added
	  TrueType support. This solves also a problem of missing
	  libraries if libgd needs -lttf or -lfreetype.

2002-01-01 22:05  bertho

	* confl.l, confy.y: Retire the old configuration. The new one is a
	  bit more flexible by being able to control from the commandline.

2002-01-01 22:03  bertho

	*, README, confl.l, confy.y, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c,
	  cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h, rcs.h, rcsy.y,
	  readconf.c, readconf.h, utils.c: Major code update to enable some
	  more features. The new formatting scheme is not yet 100%. This
	  should be close to version 1.2.0.

2001-12-19 19:10  bertho

	* README, confl.l, confy.y, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf,
	  cvsgraph.h, rcs.h: - Updated the docu a bit - Renamed the
	  branch_mirror to branch_dupbox which is more appropriate -
	  strip_untagged displays now draw dashed connector lines to
	  indicate a jump

2001-12-18 23:50  bertho

	* README, confl.l, confy.y, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf,
	  cvsgraph.conf.5, cvsgraph.h: - Added upside-down imaging of the
	  tree - Added extra branch-box at the bottom/top of the trunk -
	  Added stripping of untagged revisions

2001-11-30 12:05  bertho

	* rcsy.y: Fixed the locks phrase where the lexer wasn't put in the
	  rigth state.

2001-11-28 17:19  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: - Add binary mode in file opens for DOS/Windows -
	  Extend width of image to title width minimum - Up the version
	  number (forgotten in version 1.1.3)

2001-11-21 09:25  bertho

	*, configure,, cvsgraph.c: Update
	  configure to check for getopt.h which does not exist on Solaris

2001-11-20 16:25  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.conf.5: Update for release 1.1.3

2001-11-20 16:05  bertho

	* ChangeLog: Update for release 1.1.3

2001-11-20 16:00  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: implemented diffs from a branch to a branchpoint.
	  Many thanks to Ed Rapoport ( for donating
	  this patch.

2001-11-13 22:05  bertho

	* rcsl.l: Fix a coredump when the string collection has not yet
	  been initialized (empty strings).

2001-03-23 00:15  bertho

	* ChangeLog: Update for release 1.1.2

2001-03-23 00:11  bertho

	* cvsgraphwrapper.php3, mkimage.php3: Added the wrapperscripts to
	  the repository for reference.

2001-03-23 00:06  bertho

	* cvsgraph.conf: Fixed the cvsroot setting from cvsweb.cgi to be

2001-03-22 22:42  bertho

	*, README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf,
	  cvsgraph.conf.5: - Dead tags (i.e. a tag without a valid revision
	  or branch) does no   longer print a message in quiet mode.  -
	  Added expansions for cvsroot and cvsmodule without trailing '/' -
	  Remove core-files in a 'make clean'.	- Fixed default config file
	  to use entities < and >.

2001-03-22 22:08  bertho

	* cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.conf.5: Fixed the homepage link.

2001-03-12 20:50  bertho

	* configure: Configure must be in sync with

2001-03-12 16:57  bertho

	*, Fixed the configuration on IRIX. This
	  was actually a bug in the --with-xx definitions and that messed
	  up about everything. Now CvsGraph runs on IRIX with the GNU
	  buildchain installed.

2001-03-10 23:26  bertho

	* ChangeLog: Updated for release 1.1.1

2001-03-10 23:17  bertho

	* cvsgraph.conf: Make '<' and '>' entities < and > in the

2001-03-10 23:11  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Fix bug in diff imagemap coordinates.

2001-03-10 22:58  bertho

	* README, cvsgraph.1, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.conf.5:
	  Added manual pages for executable and configuration.	Minor
	  tweaking and README update for release 1.1.1.

2001-03-10 03:54  bertho

	* confl.l, confy.y, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.h, rcs.h: -
	  Fixed path problems. Cvsroot and module will always have a
	  trailing '/' if they are not empty so that simple files   can be
	  addressed directly from the commandline. This also   eases
	  expansions.  - Implemented new features:   * revisions can have
	  custom text	     * background colors of boxes working    *
	  boxes can have shadow (looks nice)	* imagemaps generate diff
	  areas between revisions - Several new config parameters to
	  support above functionality.

2001-03-04 21:22  bertho

	* ChangeLog: New release 1.1.0

2001-03-04 21:15  bertho

	* README: Minor updates for 1.1.0

2001-03-04 21:15  bertho

	* configure, Updated configure to accept separate
	  include/lib dirs for gd

2001-03-04 04:19  bertho

	* confl.l, confy.y, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.h: Basic
	  imagemap stuff done. The expansion code needs some work to allow
	  for conditional expansion.

2001-03-04 02:38  bertho

	* .cvsignore,, configure,, confl.l,
	  confy.y, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.h, rcs.h, rcsl.l,
	  rcsy.y, utils.c, utils.h: Major update of the code.  - Complete
	  new method of getting the revision structure by directly
	  reading the rcs/cvs file. This should also speed things a bit
	  because no external program needs to be called anymore.    This
	  also means that "remote-graphs" are no longer a possible
	  extension of the program. But, who cares.  - Implemented
	  branch-kerning to save place. The images are now   much smaller
	  in width, dependent on the settings of the exterior	margins.  -
	  Fixed disjoint braches by reading the structure direct from the
	  rcs/cvs file. The revision/branch structure is no longer
	  determined   from the revision numbers, but solely from the
	  rcs/cvs file structure.  - Fixed display of branches with no
	  revisions attached to them. These   only have a tag describing
	  the new branch.

2001-02-26 01:09  bertho

	* confl.l, confy.y, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf, cvsgraph.h: - Fixed
	  the recursion problem so that branches of branches are properly
	  placed.  - Fixed a lonely '+' in an expression.  - Started to
	  make an imagemap functionality (not very functional yet)

2001-02-24 22:52  bertho

	* README: Mention to run configure before make

2001-02-24 22:49  bertho

	* README: Updates for release 1.0.1

2001-02-24 22:43  bertho

	* ChangeLog: Added a changelog

2001-02-24 01:39  bertho

	* Hm, defs must be all undef for autoconf

2001-02-24 01:35  bertho

	*, confl.l, confy.y, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf,
	  cvsgraph.h, readconf.h, utils.c, utils.h: Fixed the soring of
	  revisions permanently. All sections of the revision numbers are
	  important.  Implemented better control over libgd with autoconf
	  and added support for generation of png and jpeg from the
	  configuration file (thanks to Kurt L. Sussman for a patch,
	  although I modified it a bit).

2001-02-24 01:31  bertho

	* configure, Updated configuration with config header

2001-02-24 01:29  bertho

	* Use config header for libgd functions

2001-02-23 01:19  bertho

	* .cvsignore: Makefile must be ignored, it is autogenerated now.

2001-02-23 01:16  bertho

	* confy.y: Fix warning about strlen() becuase of missing include.

2001-02-23 01:12  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Auto selection of the correct image-generator

2001-02-23 01:11  bertho

	* .cvsignore,, configure, Start to use
	  autoconf. This makes detecting old/new libgd easier.	Also a bit
	  more portable.

2001-02-21 18:30  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Fix sorting bug. Thanks to Tanaka Akira for sending
	  the patch.

2001-02-20 23:36  bertho

	* cvsgraph.c: Fix the vertical alignment

2001-02-20 13:07  bertho

	* LICENSE, README, confl.l, confy.y, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf,
	  cvsgraph.h, readconf.h, utils.c, utils.h: Initial import

2001-02-20 13:07  bertho

	* LICENSE, README, confl.l, confy.y, cvsgraph.c, cvsgraph.conf,
	  cvsgraph.h, readconf.h, utils.c, utils.h: Initial revision

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