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after a "make install"
class files are installed in


to compile programs using it, do:

javac -classpath /usr/java/lib/ <file>.java

(make sure to substitute your JDK for /usr/java/lib/

to run, do

java -classpath <same path as above> <YourProgram>

This is a java version of the SASL libraries. It supports all the
mechanisms in the C version and conforms to the internet draft in the
doc/ directory. JNI is used.

Sample applications exist in the Test/ directory.

They generally can be run with something like:

java -debug -classpath
../:/usr/java/lib/ jimtest -p 2143 -m
KERBEROS_V4 cyrus-dev


java -debug -classpath
../:/usr/java/lib/ testserver

Any feedback is welcome.
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