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pkg://dar_2.3.9.orig.tar.gz:1213917/dar-2.3.9/misc/  downloads


What will you find in this directory ?

|   as there is so many distro today (yep, the Slackware hegemony is over...)
|   I do not produce anymore any binary packages. Ask your preferred distro
|   maintainer team to upgrade their packages or wait for they do so.
|   Please, don't ask me support about theses binary packages, I only know
|   Slackware Linux distro which perfectly suites my needs.
|   The following scripts are provided for convenience and are now obsoleted
|   there are thus no more maintained not much used.

many script that help(ed) me build the releases:
- batch_cygwin
- batch_linux
- match_linux_ea
- make_cygwin_dist
- make_rpm

the RPM spec files for releases
- *.rpm.spec

DAR's logo to be included in RPM packages:
- dar.gif

a helper program to translate documentation to DOS format
- todos.c
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