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A PHP binding for Dazuko was made by Oliver Welter and can be downloaded
from  It is available under the PHP
license (see  The basic steps to
install and test it are:

  $ gunzip < dazuko-0.42.tgz | tar xf -
  $ pear build
  # cp dazuko-0.42/ /usr/lib/php/extensions/... (or "pear install"?)
  [ add "extension =" to the "[PHP]" section of php.ini ]
  # php -q dazuko-0.42/examples/dazuko_multi_threaded.php
  [ access any files under the /etc hierarchy ]

The extension does not know about the example_php/../dazukoio.h and
example_php/../library layout and instead expects to find these
components in /usr/include (or /usr/local/include) and /usr/local/lib,
respectively.  Make sure to have the files available there or use the
appropriate --with-dazuko config option.

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