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This release of dbf2mysql adds a couple of unofficial patches.
They are due to Christian Eyrich and Bart Friederichs.
Apparently upstream is no more active, so I forked sources.

I tagged debian release as 1.14a for this reason.

According to Erik Bachmanns XBase File Format Description all M Field
Types (including DBF_MTYPE_FPT) contain the block number as 10 digita
ASCII text. So handling it in DBF_MTYPE_FPT files as long value as the
current versions of dbf2mysql do is wrong. What Chris experienced with the
FoxPro files here confirm this.

Bart changed the dbf2mysql program to being able to enable the
local-infile option, that is needed for MySQL > 3.23.49 and >4.0.2. Bart
also added an -L option to the command that enables it. 
It is tested and it works.

-- Francesco P. Lovergine <>
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