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syslinux splash image

This image is used when generating the CD images, and is displayed on
the first promt after booting the CD.

Clues on how to make such image is available from the
ISOLINUX/SYSLINUX splash image mini-HOWTO,

Some important excepts:

The image need to be 640 pixels wide (the basic VGA screen width) with
4bpp color depth (16 colors).  The vertical dimension should be
definitely less then 480 pixels and please be aware that you need some
space below your image on the splash screen for your welcome text - at
least one line for the boot prompt.  To sum up, 200 - 300 pixels might
be an appropriate height.

The PNG image should use indexed colors with less than 14 , and color
indicies 0 and 7, in particular, should be chosen with care: 0 is the
background color, and 7 is the color used for the text printed by
syslinux itself.

The PNG passed to debian-cd is processed like this:

  pngtopnm < splash.png | ppmquant 16 | \
    ppmtolss16 "#ffffff=7" "#000000=0" > splash.rle

grub splash image

This image is used when the system boots, to have a backdrop behind the grub menu.

The image need to be XPM, 640x480 with 14 colors and is made available as
/boot/grub/splash.xpm.gz for update-grub to find.

See <URL: > for an howto.
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