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These are "user" contributed scripts that automate testing. These all
depend on using "make check", so they are included here as an aid to
helping others automate their own testing. All of these script do
report filtering on the output from DejaGnu. test-tool and test-g++
are basically the same script. test-target is the script I use for our
quarterly release and it is the most sophisticated. It still uses
"make check" (a make target that start runtest) to produce the
results, but tests our entire tool chain for native and crosses. It
also produces a short summary report that gets emailed, as well as
summary reports. It does regression analysis using the previous test
run. testit is a very crude and simple Tk GUI for accessing all the
testing results. Hope these are helpful to anyone, I'd like to collect
more from the net as they get developed.

	- rob -

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