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# Copyright 2008 SPARTA, Inc.  All rights reserved.
# See the COPYING file included with the DNSSEC-Tools package for details.

			Is your domain secure?

rollzone test

	This directory contains tools and data for running a simple test
	of the DNSSEC-Tools rollover daemon and zonesigner program.

	This test shows the basic operation of rollerd as it controls zone
	rollover for one zone.  A graphical window will appear showing
	the zone's rollover phases and in-use encryption keys.  As rollover
	proceeds, the phases and key names (as displayed in the graphical
	window) will change.  A log of rollerd's actions will be displayed
	in the window in which the test is executed.

	This is *not* an automatic test that tells you whether or not things
	are working.  You must examine the output in the graphical window
	and in the logged output to determine the success or failure of the

To run the test:

	- As root, run the test with these commands:

		# make
		# runtest

	  The first command will clean up any files left over from a previous

	  The second command will build and sign the zone and start rollerd
	  and a GUI that will allow the tester to monitor the test's progress.
	  It will also display to the terminal window the running contents of
	  the rollerd log file.

To stop the test:

	- Run this command:

		# rollctl -halt

	  Stopping rollerd will also stop the blinkenlights graphical program.


	- This test uses *very* short zone lifetimes, lifetimes that
	  are impractically short.

	- A graphical window is created that holds the whole of the test
	  output.  The window in which the test was started will have a
	  "tail -f log.test" of rollerd's log file.

Test Operation:

	- The test follows the rollover operation of the zone.
	  This is a very simple test -- the rollover phase and key names are
	  what visibly change.

	- The colors of the blocks in the "Rollover Phase" column change to
	  show the change in rollover phase:

		During normal operation, the color is supposed to match the
		rest of the row.  

		During rollover, the colors start very light in phase 1 and
		progressively converge on the color of the rest of the row 
		as rollover phases move along

	- The ZSK key names are given vertically in this order:  current,
	  published, new.  When a rollover cycle completes:

		- the old "published" key becomes the new "current" key
		- the old "new" key becomes the new "published" key
		- a new "new" key is created

	  This gives the effect of the key names (very slowly) rolling up
	  the screen and disappearing.

	- The times given in the "Rollover Phase" columns are approximate
	  and depend on rollerd, blinkenlights, multitasking queue updates,
	  and timers timing out.

	- Rollover phases 2 and 4 are very short-lived.  It is possible to
	  miss them if you blink at the wrong time.  Seriously.

	- If you've got all the test files, you can run the test by just
	  executing "runtest".  It's probably best, however, to start
	  fresh each time by running "make" before running "runtest".


	- This test requires the DNSSEC-Tools scripts and modules, BIND, Perl,
	  and Perl/Tk.

	- Occasionally, blinkenlights will not go away when you stop the test.
	  Clicking in that window and giving a ctrl-Q should kill the program.

	Makefile		Makefile to control test set-up.
	README			This file.
	runtest			Builds test files and xecutes test.
	save-db.cache		Pristine copy of test's db.cache file.
	save-test.rollrec	Pristine copy of test's rollrec file.	Pristine copy of's zone file.
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