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dot.conf v1.3

This file lists changes that break backward compatibility with previous
versions.  Please see the files in the doc directory of the distribution for
full details.

For examples of how to use this library, see the examples directory.

Changes after 1.0.13:

- dotconf_register_options now has a return type.  This function can now
  indicate success or failure.

  - To support the float argument for a config option, the data member of
    struct command_t gained the dvalue member.

This is free software licensed with the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1.

I would like to thank Lukas Schroeder for authoring this project originally.
His address is listed in the Authors file if you need to contact him.
However, current questions about the project should be directed to me since I
am the current maintainer.

William Hubbs <>

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