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-*- text -*-

Please see the file `Guidelines' for the guidelines for creating and
maintaining Debian packages.  dpkg Texinfo documentation and a manual
page will be available with the next release, but in the interest of
time I am releasing dpkg 0.93.8 without them.

Please send bug reports and comments to <>.
Please be sure to put the following at the top of the message body:

Package: dpkg

This will enter your bug report in our tracking system, and will help
us to investigate and respond to your problem as promptly as possible.

Please read the file `COPYING' for copying conditions.

Please read the file `INSTALL' for installation instructions.

Please read the file `NEWS' for a description of new features, etc.

[ Note for users of GCC 2.7.0: you must compile at least
 `dselect/' with only -O2, due to a bug in GCC. ]
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