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These are the menu files for the Dataplot front-end (i.e., the
graphical user interface).

Files last updated 3/16/98.

To install the menu files, do the following:

  1) Pick a directory to store the files.  I recommend
     "/usr/local/lib/dataplot/frontend_menus", but it can
     be any convenient directory.

        mkdir /usr/local/lib/dataplot
        mkdir /usr/local/lib/dataplot/frontend_menus
        cd /usr/local/lib/dataplot/frontend_menus
        cp frontend_menus.tar.Z   .
        uncompress frontend_menus.tar.Z  
        tar -xvf frontend_menus.tar

  2) The file "/usr/local/bin/xdataplot" is a simple
     script that sets some environment variables (it is
     included in the frontend_scripts.tar.Z file).  You should
     check the environment variable XDP_FILES to ensure that it
     matches where you actually installed the menu files.
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