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                   DVDview - GPLed MPEG-2 video decoder
                  Dirk Farin -

DVDview is a software only MPEG-1/2 video decoder. A special feature of the
decoder is its ability to superimpose additional information to the video
sequence like motion vectors or quantizer scales. It runs on any UNIX system,
preferably Linux, as many of the features depend on it.

 - Direct VideoCD access (Linux only)
 - Bitstream-error robust decoding
 - G200/400 backend-scaler support for much faster decoding (Linux only)
 - Extraction of MPEG-audio or AC3 streams (mpg123, ac3dec needed for
     audio decoding) 
 - Saving decoded frames as PPM or YUV files 
 - Debugging output with adjustable verbosity 
 - Overlay-display of 
        Macroblock boundaries 
        Motion vectors (as vectors or coded as color information) 
        QScale value 
	current FPS

Note: Although DVDview is able to decode MPEG-2 streams, there is no code
included to circumvent the DVD copy protection. Only unprotected discs can be


You should have got two top-level directories "dvdview" and "ulib". Change to
ulib and type ./configure and make. Then change to dvdview, type ./configure,
change to the "src" subdirectory and execute make. This should result in a
dvdview binary that you can copy to /usr/local/bin or where you'd like it to be.

Compiling with Linux MGA_VID support:

The Linux MGA_VID driver allows to send the decoded video output
directly to the backend scaler of the gfxcard. This not only is
a bit faster than output through X11, but also allows to scale the
output as large as you want it to be.

Normally, the configure script should automatically detect that
you are compiling for a Linux system and enable the code.
To ease the compilation process, I included the mga_vid.h file
of the mga_vid-driver in the thirdparty directory.
However, this has the disadvantage that the version of this
file may not match your installed driver version. So you should
replace this file with a link to one of your version if it doesn't

- Be aware that the MMX-IDCT code is not completely conform to IEEE-1180.
  If you need perfect conformity, manually disable the MMX code in config.h
  before compiling.

Known bugs
- full-pel-only motion-compensation is treated as half-pel
- dual prime prediction is still missing
- 4:4:4 chroma format MPEG streams have not been tested and will most
  probably not decode correctly.

1.1.0   - output architecture rewritten, better cache locality, faster decoding
        - robust against bitstream errors
        - 16x8 field prediction
        - syncs to realtime clock
        - X11 output resizing
        - FPS output
1.0.2   - direct VideoCD access
        - 4:2:2 chroma support
1.0.1   - MGA_VID support
1.0.0   - initial release

To do
Has anyone got a 4:4:4-MPEG stream to test the encoder with?
Please send it to me!

If you want to help, I'd appreciate to cooperate for working on:

- XFree86 Xv-extension support
- more MMX code for motion compensation
- support for Pentium-III special instructions (PREFETCH, PAVGB).
- Integrating the audio parts for AV synchronization
- writing a nice GUI

DVDview can be distributed freely under the terms of the GPL (included as the
COPYRIGHT file in this archive). If you think that DVDview is really useful
for you, I'd be pleased to receive a postcard from where you live.


A big thank you goes to:

- Christophe Labouisse - for the MGA_VID G200 code
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