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*******CHANGESfile to tmview***********************************************

- minor fixes to v00.06: dvilx now accepts the "-geometry" commandline 
  option; fixed bug regarding "funny" filenames, i.e. hidden directories;
  <w> command now skips filemarks to nonexisting files; now use "-Wall"
  compiletime opteion and hopefully fixed all those warnings; 

v00.06 (experimetal)
- minor fixes to v00.05: reviewed code unter the perspective of "long int"
  having 8 rather than 4 bytes, which happens to be the case on Alpha 
  architecture. See Readme.
- added MINIMAL support for color specials: \colorbox{}{} should now
  produce a light grey background instead of a black rule. Use command <o>
  to ajust the thresholds for the two availbale greylevels.

- Introduced basic support for double-page viewing. This involves 
  keeping decoded dvi commands in tmview's lru-buffer-memory. And thus
  competing against ghostscript's rendering results and pk-glyphs. I'm
  not quite sure whether this was a good idea? Anyway, double-page mode
  can be turned of by (re-designed) command <o>.
- The maximum amount of lru-buffer-memory can now be configured by the 
  startup-file. No compiling required anymore.
- <*>v now fits the page w.r.t. the width of the screen. 
- Klaus Stehle pointed out some bugs in the virtual font section. Well,
  I went through Klaus' patch and recalled that my vf support was sort of 
  experimental. Things are much better now. Thanks.
- Introduced a version of tmview which goes with the so called
  framebuffer device, linux kernel >= 2.2.1. The name of the game is 'dvifb',
  to be compiled by 'make -f MakeFb'. Here, the mouse is handled by /dev/gpmdata.
  I.e. gpm is suggested to run with option "-R". See README.
- If some other program has grabbed all the colors on an X Window pseudocolor
  device dvilx now falls back to sort of black and white display. 

- introduced experimental handling of the PSFile-special by calling
  ghostscript. This is enabled/disabled by the command <o>, see online-help.
  The mechanism of interacting with ghostscript is quite different to the one
  used by xdvi: xdvi allows gs to draw directly in the dvi-previewing-window,
  using gs's device "x11". tmview cannot allow this, as it is meant to
  go with svgalib. Hence, tmview uses gs's device "bit" and buffers the
  result of rendering in an internal buffer. Thus, tmview is sort of slow
  with vectorgraphics, and sort of fast with pixelgraphics. However, once
  the rendering result is buffered, scrolling causes no re-rendering. So
  after all, this works out fine -- at least to my opinion.   
- Richard Vosse found some of those really ugly bugs, Robert Heuser and me
  found some too. This version was "beta-tested" by serveral users and I hope
  that all the seg-fault stuff was found this way. If you still find
  seg-faults, please report them (see README, topic 5). I've read the
  pointers to pointers stuff again and a again ... and I'm ashamed of
  seg-faults, as they are almost always my faults. Sorry.
- The former compile-time option MECK used for 640x480 mode at 16 colors is
  now a "runtime-option": Whenever either the desired resolution or 640x480 is
  not supported at 256 colors, the 640x480 mode at 16-colors is used.
  This is meant for easy installation on "old" notebooks and such.
  Its also meant for easy installation without configuring svgalib.
- reorganized docs: now README holds information about first steps,
  including installing/compiling tmview. All the details only of interest
  after successful installation are kept only in tmview.dvi and of course
  in the online-help.   

- improved Xlib support: now goes with solaris/openwindows too
- added virtual fonts support. Main effect: can now view times.sty documents,
  while gs builds the pk-files. Did not test this with general vf-files.
- <*><r> not only re-reads the dvi-file, but re-initializes the fontdatabase too.

- added portrait modus (see ./tmview/linux/defssvga.h)

- removed bugs: can now view groff output, tab-key now works
- added kpathsea support (see ./tmview/linux/defsx.h) 
- introduced an experimental version for linux/XFree

- added bookmarks.
- allow to load more than one file (still viewing only one at a time ...)
- added reading-from / writing-to a startup-file, holding configuration 
  data and the bookmarks.
- got the OS2/PM version a bit more usable ...

v96.02 (experimental)
- added some of the hyper-tex specials (that is only those, which act
  on the current dvi-file). You may now follow hrefs by mouse-click.
- added support for 640x480x16 modus as compile-time-option.
  usefull on system with standard-vga support only, like
  most notebooks. 
- added a scroll-over-pages-mode, allowing to go through the whole
  dvi-file using only the <n> resp. <cursor-down> key.
- did the memorymanagement now. You may specify at compile-time the
  maximum amount of memory used as LRU-buffer for glyph's. 

- added text-string-searching
- added commands for measurement
- look for TeX-counter when going to a page
- added a little bit of mouse-support
- added some online-help
- added arbitrary zoom-factors
- removed workaround about S3 related svgalib-bugs, since the
  svgalib-people fixed them in v1.28. Thanks to them !!! 

The last point about the svgalib things was the main reason for
releasing v96.01, since the dvi-reading and -drawing had been ugly
hacks, involving an immense waste of memory and some assembler code.
This was necessary to work around those S3 related bugs.
Dvi-reading and -drawing is now done in C only, at nearly the same 
performance and with less memory used.

On turn that means that v96.01 is NOT the tidied up version I promised
when releasing v95.10. So I keep promising ... 

v95.10  (for a spelling-mistake also called v10.95, sorry)
  This was the first version of tmview and just worked.
  The aim was to have a previewer that goes with S3-cards.

****End of CHANGES*********************************************************

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