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DVR : a Digital Video Recorder for Linux.

Help, remarks and feedback are welcome.

DVR is a small tool to record movie clips. It uses gstreamer as backend, and Qt for the user interface.
DVR is designed for Video4Linux : it captures video frames from a video input and compress them into a MPEG or AVI file. It is not currently built to support MPEG input streams.

This software is released under GPL v2. See COPYING.

DVR needs a V4l input device.

You need :
- Linux 2.6
- Qt >= 3.x (headers and libs)
- gstreamer > =0.10 (headers and libs)
- usual development tools

In brief : untar the archive, cd dvr-x.y.z, edit Makefile, make.
Currently you may have to edit the Makefile yourself : change the Qt include/libs according to your system.

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