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Ecru is a command-line client for LiveJournal. Name 'ecru' has no
special meaning etc, however, it's somehow related to the French
verb 'ecrire' which means 'to write'.

Ecru hasn't got an own homepage yet and the source code is stored
on github:

Ecru has the following dependencies:

  * libconfig++ (part of libconfig) 
  * glibmm (
  * xmlrpc-c (

Build system is based on waf ( Waf
script comes with ecru and it needs python >= 2.3. Building process
is pretty simple. In top of the ecru sources directory you have to
execute these commands:

  ./waf configure
  ./waf build -p
  sudo ./waf install

You're ready. 

-- Roman Bogorodskiy <>
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